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Haemocode Diet. What Is It?

Perhaps there are no such people who wouldn’t dream to lose weight especially in the summer, when all want to get rid of the excessive cloth. And many are ready to lay out for an easy way to drive weight not one hundred dollars and even one thousand dollars. If only there is everything that they want, and do not train on training apparatus in the evenings. Think, there is no such way? There is up-to-date technique under “the code” name confirms a haemocode. What do we have?

The haemocode is based on the laboratory analysis of a blood which test for alimentary intolerance. And haemocode people at once warn that a food allergy and alimentary intolerance – absolutely different things. With the first all is clear – the organism specifically reacts to allergenic products. But the second, as affirms about a haemocode as all our troubles: illnesses, unhealthy appearance, excess weight, presenilation and etc.

And all because cells of our blood tear away those or other products. And to learn what products you should eat due to such diet in the internet can cost you from $300-600. The test is based on that the blood is bridged to an extract of each product (them are 128) the prepared experts define change of a luminescence of cells of your blood at contact with making this or that product.

Different cell also react variously to some products. As a result to you will give out the red and green list of products. The first are absolutely impossible to eat in about 6 weeks and it is possible to eat the food of the second list. In this time the organism will make the business, and all your problems will be solved. Will be? Or not?
Any way what is this haemocode – sensation in the world of medicine or next trap for the trusty people? We have addressed for explanations to the candidate of medical sciences, the allergist-immunologist of the highest category of Institute of immunology. From the scientific point of view there are 3 kinds of intolerance of products. The congenital intolerance remains on for the rest of the life.

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Its reason isn’t clear till now, therefore it can’t be corrected by haemocode. The second variant is an allergy to meal when in an organism antibodies with hypersensitivity to certain albuminous components of a product are developed. The allergy is taped by the allergologist. And the third case is congenital insufficiency of enzymes which causes defective digestion of nutrition. It is possible to fill these enzymes, for example, with yogurts which contain them, or medical products. That is absence of this or that enzyme too is diagnosed by the doctor and compensated. Such is world practice of separation of intolerance of the foodstuff, developed for last 150 years.

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