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Haemocode Diet. (part 1)

Obscurely that “the intolerance of products” in a haemocode means to be under concept. The laboratory test which applies a haemocode, is based on the analysis of activity of neutrophils of a blue blood in test conditions. Ostensibly there are 128 samples of standards of foodstuff. These standards also are entered into suspension of the neutrophils (blood cells) allocated from a blood.

But what the standard sample means? Here milk, vegetable oil. To prepare the standard, the uniform dissolvent for each product is necessary. For milk the water dissolvent, for oil is necessary, probably, is required organic dissolvent. Not so simply to make of milk and vegetable oil the uniform standard. Over it for long time many laboratories work. Actually to receive an extract of various products in one phase of a dissolvent is almost impracticable chemical problem.

What estimates a haemocode? Each cell has the signs, including a luminescence. If to affect a cell its properties change. When irritating substances (it can be a chemical compound or active physical influence) are entered into a neutrophil, the spectrum of its chemical luminescence which is caught by the special sensitive device changes. But the matter is that the device can catch only changes in a range “more – less” since it is nonspecific reaction of a blood.

Let’s admit that opening all the same has come true, and the haemocode is a big scientific step forward. Such opening is a huge work, the big work. The first trace of a discovery is always the publication in specialized scientific magazine. There won’t be scientific publications on this theme for foreseeable 10-15 years. In the world there is a large quantity of conferences on food problems. But besides lately there were no scientific reports on a haemocode.

Founders of a haemocode also declare that calculation of calories is in yesterday, all the same they recommend norm of consumption of nutrition a day – on the average about 1600-1800 calories. For the woman it is standard day norm. Also it is not desirable to eat easy absorbable carbohydrates (Saccharin), and a potato.

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Once again we will repeat that the haemocode is not the test for a food allergy. The haemocode is reduced to normalization of mass of a body. On the other hand, the haemocode already now is recommended to people with an allergy, gastritis’s, a hepatitis, a diabetes and even a cancer (!). This and many other serious diseases in no event can’t be neglected. They need to be treated at the qualified experts, instead of to hope for “wonderful test”. The haemocode is referred, of course, first of all for rich people. But there are those who will gather money and will give the last to get rid of problems of excess weight with its help.

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