Gymnastics For Pregnant Women

The gymnastics for pregnant women is one of the major components of preparation for birth of a child and a way to help the future mum to keep the good physical form and to feel assured and beautiful, despite considerable changes in an organism. By means of gymnastics it is possible to warn occurrence of extensions, to raise elasticity of fabrics and to learn to relax. Besides, the exact approach to exercises promotes that the child does not test a lack of oxygen and correctly develops. Nevertheless, it is impossible to forget that “pregnant” fitness is only a part of preparation for birth of a child which includes a psychological spirit, the general control over the health, eutrophy and knowledge that waits mum after the birth of a child.

If you were not the special fan of fitness earlier it is not necessary right after exhaust yourself with exercises. In an ideal, of course, it is necessary to be engaged in physical preparation before pregnancy. Exercises for pregnant women are always spent in a sparing mode and based in the majority on yoga.

Today many fitness centres offer both individual and group employment for the future mums. It is possible to go on special courses of preparation for sorts in which program physical exercises are included. If this variant does not approach you or not such possibility it is possible to keep the shape and houses. Before it is necessary to consult to the doctor and not to forget that it is possible to do exercises only to women whom pregnancy proceeds without complications.

The main thing in independent trainings is to stop on comfortable for you rhythm and loadings that exercises brought only pleasure.

The simple and beautiful exercises offered for pregnant women will help you to keep a graceful bearing, grace and to be self-assured and beauty.


Stand on knees and palms. Slowly bend a back (downwards), the head is thus lifted. Then having hung a head curve a back (upwards). Repeat 8–10 times.

This exercise strengthens a backbone.

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This exercise is not that other as all familiar “bicycle”. Carry out slow circular motions feet of 10-15 times.
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Standing on one foot combine a palm to a palm (as in east greeting). If it is impossible to keep balance, it is possible to undertake a hand any support. Wave one foot back and then forward. Then the same for the second foot. Repeat 15 times.
Beautiful feet

Lying on one side, one hand put on a belt and the second extend before yourself. Then lift a foot and move it forward and then back. The same – for other foot. Repeat 12–15 times. This exercise strengthens buttocks and feet.

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