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Great Ways Of How To Lose Weight Fast And Effectively

Fast walking as a mean for losing weight wins more and more supporters. Especially effectively walking helps to become thin when other vigorous and power playing sports is counter-indicative (for example, after a birth of the child) as well helps to burn fats, but does not lead to traumas and overloads. Employment by walking is convenient and for those who simply does not like to go in for sports or has no access to an exercise room.

But keep in mind, if you have resolved to dump weight by means of walking for achievement of visible results it is desirable to go walking every day or at least five days in a week.

– Try to go at least on half an hour in day. Besides, at least a week it is necessary to give two times to walking of 45 minutes, and one day to go at least within an hour. If to you it is more convenient so it is possible to break hour walk on two half-hour in the same day.

– It is necessary to go quickly as though you were late for the important meeting. You should pass approximately one kilometer for 10-12 minutes. One more rule you should go in such rate that could to speak, for example, but could not sing during walking.

– You can make walk during any time convenient for you. But, as practice shows, it is more expedient to do it in the mornings. At least because in the mornings you have less fast burning than carbohydrate calories, therefore fat stocks are burnt easier.

Before beginning the pedestrian walk:

1. Be equipped. Pick up for yourself a pair of convenient snickers with sufficient amortization. The clothes should be free and convenient and correspond to weather conditions.

2. Choose a route. Try to choose road without automobile movement. If it is impossible, find road with wide enough sidewalk on which it is possible to meet half-way moving transport.

During walking:

1. In the beginning be warmed up. Some minutes resemble in slow rate to allow muscles to be warmed up.

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2. Drink water. During walking in an organism a lot of liquid is lost. Therefore without dependence from weather conditions it is quite good to drink a water glass before the walking beginning. It is desirable to drink periodically also during long walking (more a half an hour) to avoid dehydration. For this purpose it is possible to take with yourself a water bottle. After walking too it is desirable to drink at least one glass of water.

3. Use the correct techniques. Go directly, having straightened shoulders and a thorax. Stomach muscles slightly strained. Put a foot on a heel, and then roll it on fingers, with force making a start a forward part of foot for a following step. To increase rate, do more fast paces, instead of extend them. Try to work as hands, having bent them in elbows and moving them from a waist to a thorax and back.

4. In the end of walking give yourself time to cool down. Gradually reducing rate, pass minutes five slowly. It will help palpitation to calm down and will prevent morbidity of muscles.

But weight reduction is not unique benefit from walking. You can essentially improve the general state of health. Walking normalizes a blood pressure, reduces cholesterol level, and improves insulin development. And as walking is all the same the power exercise connected with moving of your body weight you can strengthen bones, having lowered risk of occurrence of an osteoporosis.

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