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Getting Back To The Basics Of Muscular Growth And Development

By Matt Dixon, Jr.-Show and Go Training REVIEW

Throughout history there has been many different approaches taken to improve muscular development and increase human physical performance capabilities. Scientist, physicists, biochemists, and top level expert trainers and nutritionists throughout the world have spent countless hours trying to develop a full proof system for maximizing muscular growth and development. As with anything, the more advanced the system gets, the more complex and complicated things become. When all else fails, getting back to the basics of the complexities is the best and most effective strategy. I am going to show you how a few of the worlds most elite athletes have eliminated the non-essentials from their workout and nutrition plans, honed in on the vital necessities and experienced significant gains.

By putting these simple techniques to work, I’ll show you how training smarter not harder can significantly improve your overall muscular performance and return you more solid muscle gains. So… if you are ready for a whole new outlook that will improve your performance, increases your in gym results, and allow you to display rock solid muscle gains…then…let’s get started.

Step #1: Activating and Incorporating More Muscle Fiber Activity into Your Workouts.

Activating more muscle fiber activity is crucial to improving strength and increasing muscle size. Fact: the human body only actively engages less than one-third of our muscles to perform a set task. This means over 60% of our muscle seldom if ever get used. How much stronger and bigger could you be if your body could incorporate 5-10% more muscle fiber activity?

Here is a few training tips to consider incorporating into your workout programs:

• Train one muscle group per training session to maximum intensity.
• Rotate in a circuit of 4-5 exercises moving from one exercise to the other with no rest until all 5 exercises have been performed. Rest 1 minute start again performing 4 sets of each.
• Perform one rep sets. Incorporate many sets of one rep, increase weight each set until you reach complete failure, move to next exercise and repeat. (Try this in 3-week increments with 4th week decreasing weight and performing few sets with high reps to near failure).
• Train one muscle group per day and try to hit 10,000, 20,000, or even 30,000 pound mark. Ex: 100 lbs. on bench press performed 20 times is 2,000lbs of weight performed. (20×100 = 2,000). If you are just starting out try 10,000 lbs at first, advanced lifters shoot for 30,000 lbs. or even more.

I prefer mixing these programs up and alternating them on a regular basis to achieve optimal results.

Step #2: Increase Workout Intensity.

Get your mind in the “Zone” and focus. This is very crucial to muscular growth and also eliminating useless time taken in the gym. Try turning the two hour lax workout into 35-45 minutes of extreme intensity and watch your gains drastically increase. Focus on the main reason you are there, to workout, period! If you like to socialize, workout hard first, then you can talk. Training one to two muscle groups at maximum intensity with little to no breaks shocks the muscle group into high gear and it responds to “the call to action” with more muscle fiber response and recruitment and quicker harder muscle contractions. The more muscle fiber activity incorporated into the lift, more muscle tissue gets broke down and rebuilt, and more muscle mass is gained. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Step #3: Nutrition.

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It is basically useless to do any or all of the above if you are not going to feed your body with proper nutrients to help rebuild the muscle bigger and stronger than before. Protein, carbohydrates, amino acids and simple sugars are vital to the rebuilding of muscle tissue. If you are going to workout extreme you need to eat extreme. You need to replenish your system so you can grow and recharge your muscles for the next day. Eating plenty of good carbohydrates, high quality proteins, and simple sugars will help shorten the recovery process, feed your muscles with proper nutrients and activate the new muscle growth process. Tips:

• Try to consume about 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. If you weigh 100 lbs. you should try to consume 200 grams of protein per 24 hour period.
• Drink a 20-32 ounce sports drink directly following your workouts, protein is crucial after workouts but hydration and sugars are more vital get a Gatorade, or something in you immediately, then consume a small protein shake or protein bar.
• Purchase a gallon of water each morning and make sure you drink it all before you go to bed each night. Hydration is key, muscle don’t cramp as easy when properly hydrated, it is also easier for them to absorb crucially needed nutrients when hydrated.
• Consider consuming the bulk of your nutrients from a food source rather than meal replacement or protein supplementing products. Remember these products are processed quality home cooked meals are not.

Step #4: Supplementing to increase results.

Supplements are crucial to improving muscular growth and development. If you are 200+ pounds it is going to be a challenge consuming 400 grams of protein in foods in one 24 hour period. You would have to consume around 5 pounds of meats to achieve this, not fun on a daily basis. Aside from protein there is many other crucially needed nutrients that simply consuming foods can not achieve. Here are a few suggestions of ingredients you may consider when selecting a supplement. A few I, as well as several of my bodybuilding friends and professional athletes have had tremendous success with:

• Neuro-sensory or neuro-muscular accelerants. These products are intended as a pre-workout enhancer to increase muscle activity and response, as well as improve focus concentration and intensity. Great for strength and muscle endurance gains, (highly recommended), look for products with choline bitartrate as a key ingredient.
• Natural testosterone boosters or enhancers. Testosterone production plays a huge role in triggering the new muscle growth process and rebuilding stages. 20-hydroxyecdysone is a great ingredient, recent studies show it to be as effective or sometimes more effective than conventional steroids such as dianabol but without the harmful side effects conventional steroids poses. Works great and drug test compliant on an international competition level.
• Oxygen uptake products are great. Cordyceps sinensis is an excellent compound. This compound utilizes and increases oxygen uptake and delivery to the muscles and the brain delivering crucially needed nutrients and blood flow deep into the muscle tissue and brain cells. Great to increase muscular and pulmonary endurance, helps increase workouts allowing you to go longer, harder and more intense.
• Energizing supplements. These supplements increase your energy levels as a pre-workout product. Be advised there is no such thing as no-crash if you elevate something past the norm, expect it to reestablish its previous level eventually. To much stimulation with these products can result in an instant crash effect. Simply put you may get one great explosive set but you have flooded your body with so much crap that all of your energy went into one lift and you have nothing left. In selecting an energizing product, I recommend that you look for a product with natural compounds such as high b vitamins versus high sugars or caffeine stimulants, the former will elevate at a smaller but longer rate where as the latter will elevate dramatically but for a short period of time.

Step #5: Consistency.

Stay consistent with workout intensity, nutrition, recovery, supplementing and you will consistently improve your muscle growth and development. Dedication is as true for fitness and nutrition as it is for anything else in life. If you are dedicated, eventually you will succeed, if not you have not given yourself a chance to achieve. It takes time find a program you like and stick with it, nothing can give you instant gratification, but long term success is guaranteed as long as you stick to your plan.

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