Gain Muscles Fast

Do you want to know how to gain muscles fast? If so lets get right down into it, I want to help you gain muscles as fast as possible. First, you have to ask yourself a few questions like how much have you trained before? What is your body type? Do you want to pack on as much size as possible with or without some fat gain? I will explain further on these questions, but have a think about them first.

Gain Muscles Quickly

The first question I asked was about how much you have trained before, because this can affect your training program. If you are new to training you are best using full body workouts, as these are sufficient for beginners.

If you are more experienced you should use a body part split to concentrate on your muscles. For example use an upper and lower split, where you train your upper body one day, then train your lower body the next. There are many body part splits to choose from, so pick what is right for your own individual needs to gain muscles fast.

What is your natural body type like?

I asked about your body type as this can also affect your training requirements. If you are skinny, studies have shown that full body training can be beneficial, or even an upper and lower split as previously discussed.

Larger people can generally use a bit more intensity with body part splits, which can also aid in fat loss as well. This is because higher intensity training can help keep body fat at bay. You do not have to spend too much time thinking all this over, but it is important to be aware of these things. Now lets get right down to the great tips to gain muscles fast.

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How To Gain Muscles

There are a few things you must do to gain muscles fast. Firstly you must develop a lot of strength, as stronger muscles are generally bigger muscles. This usually means using a rep range of around 1-5 reps for your sets. However, strength training is great, but there is not enough volume of work to induce muscle growth.

Therefore you need to provide enough volume of work on your muscles to cause muscle damage. Your body will then repair this damage with some more, meaning you get new muscle growth. Knowing how to correctly cycle strength training and high volume training is key to gain muscles fast.

Of course all this great training will go to waste if you do not eat the right nutrients to repair and build this muscle. Knowing the right amount protein, carbohydrates and fat to eat will turn your body into an anabolic machine.

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