Functional Fitness Prepares For A Life

This kind of fitness has doubtless advantages: its practical orientation, fast appreciable results and the big expense of calories during employment. It does people more mobile and physically adapted for a life. Experts in medicine recommend it even to older persons and pregnant women. For this reason this kind of exercises has set of admirers all over the world.

During this epoch of year sports halls are overflowed. Someone has come there carrying out a New Year’s oath to himself and at last to go in for sports. Someone has appeared there caring of the health and someone – to lose superfluous kgs and to shine in the summer with forms of the body close to the ideal.

Despite work lasting many days with cargoes or devices visitors of sports halls not always look well trained. Traditional physical exercises are usually intended for certain segments of a body, and the limited number of movements are used in them.

Sports stocks and devices which are now used in sports halls have appeared in 80-90 years of the last century, together with boom of that time on fitness. They rather limit possibilities for physical development.

Experts in fitness here say many years that for the prevention of traumas, for rehabilitation and sports trainings the big freedom and a variety of movements which former sports devices cannot give is necessary. Working out and occurrence of so-called functional fitness was attempt of the decision of these problems.
Its basic difference from traditional physical exercises consists that the muscle trains in movement as a whole, not group of muscles – but all muscles of a body. It reduces risk of traumas of the person in an everyday life and during sports and improves working capacity of the impellent device.

Functional fitness has the roots in rehabilitation methods. Its basis is a perfection of movements: rotations, changes of position of a body – knee-bends and liftings, bending etc.
The centre of attention for functional fitness is the central part of a body – muscles of a stomach, a diaphragm, a basin, a back and a neck. By means of multipurpose exercises in which many joints participate full work of all body is reached.

One of them are directed first of all on strengthening of muscles – stabilizers of joints. Others – on development of balance and coordination of work of muscular system.
The equipment usually use rubber, dumbbells and weights, training apparatus, shock-absorbers, medical balls, barks-platforms, scooters etc.

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The everyday life pushes together the modern person with the diversified and more often unexpected physical activities of type: has slipped, has fallen… Well, and consequences are known – traumas. Result of employment by functional fitness is improvement of coordination, balance, possession of the muscles and stimulation of nervously – muscular activity. Functional fitness does not apply to replace other sports disciplines and forms of trainings, but it is ideal addition to them.

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