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Four Ways To Lose Four Kilograms For Four Days.

Despite of all dietitians recommend to lose weight gradually, there are moments when you have no time and you need the result at the moment. This is not a way out to starve, of course, although you will have to tighten your belt seriously. if you want to see the result you will have to work a bit, but you shouldn’t abuse these methods. But you can use these methods from time to time if you do not have problems with your stomach.

There are four ways to lose weight for short time period.

1. Diet of actresses.
It is used by dancers and ballerinas before performances.
The diet itself is very simple.
The first day: drink tomato juice and eat boiled rice. Consume these products without salt and sugar.

Salt keeps water in your body!
You can eat rice during a day and drink tomato juice as much as you want.

The second day: you can drink skimmed milk as much as you want and eat cottage cheese.
There are no limitations again. As soon as you feel that you are hungry, eat, do not be hungry.

The third day: start this day with a cup of tea and drink tea for the whole day! You also can eat boiled meat.
It is better to drink green tea, without sugar it has a pleasant taste.
It is better to eat white meat: chicken, turkey, low-fat pork.

The fourth day (the last day). Buy a bottle of red dry wine and drink it during a day, and eat cheese.
It is recommended not to drink water during this day.

2. A diet that takes four days (you can lose 3-4 kilograms)

The first day:
Breakfast: one orange, two boiled eggs, a cup of black coffee.
Dinner: eight prunes
Supper: one boiled egg, one orange

The second day:
Breakfast: a cup of black coffee, a piece of low-fat cheese
Dinner: one boiled egg, one orange
Supper: one pear, a glass of milk

The third day:
Breakfast: one or two cups of tea
Dinner: one tomato, one cucumber, a piece of cheese
Supper: a glass of milk

The fourth day:
Breakfast: rolled oats in juice or milk
Dinner: one cucumber, one tomato
Supper: two oranges

3. Grapefruit diet (you lose about 3 kilograms)
Grapefruit decomposes fats very well. But do not keep this diet if you have some problems with stomach, gastritis or ulcer for example.

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Breakfast: a half of a grapefruit, a boiled egg, a slice of rye bread, coffee or tea with lemon.

Dinner: a half of a grapefruit, two boiled eggs, coffee or tea with lemon.

Supper: a half of a grapefruit, two boiled eggs, tea with lemon.

4. Cottage cheese and bananas (you can lose 3 kilograms)

The first and the third day:

Breakfast and super: 120 grammes of cottage cheese, one grapefruit
Dinner: 120 grammes of cottage cheese, a piece of melon.

The second and the fourth day:

Breakfast: one banana, a glass of skimmed milk
Dinner: one banana, one boiled egg
Supper: 200 grammes of beefsteak, two bananas.

You also have to remember one main rule — if you want to lose weight, it is not enough just to sit and eat nothing. Exercises will help you to get the desirable result.

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