Weight Loss

Four Tips For Those Who Want To Lose Weight.

The problem of losing weight is close and actual for a huge number of men and women. The statistics says that more than three hundreds millions of people suffer from obesity. In some countries half of the population suffers from obesity.

Why can’t we lose weight? How to lose superfluous kilograms?

There are four pieces of advice for those who want to lose weight.

The first tip.

It is not enough just to realize that you are overweight a bit in order to feel your inner resolution to lose weight.

*Do a blood test (cholesterol, HDL, triglycerides, glucose etc.)
*Determine your perfect weight on the formula: a perfect weight =your height (in square meters) multiply by 25
*Try your dress or trousers that you wore 15 or 20 years ago.

The second tip. You need to have an extra outward stimulus:

*Promise yourself that you will get some kind of a reward after you lose weight — an expensive thing, that you have been dreaming about for a long time; a trip to a place where you have ever been to or would like to see again and so on.
*But it would be the best if someone (a husband, a wife, a boss or a colleague) will promise you something from the above-listed. If you lose a concrete quantity of kilograms to a certain date. Bet for something. The thing will definitely pan out because the majority of your friends and relatives would not believe that you will reach your goal.

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The third tip. Make your close people your allies in order to lose weight.

*Carry your close people with the idea of joint weight loss (it would be useful for everyone to lose weight a bit), help them to find the inner resolution and provide them with an outward stimulus.

The fourth tip. You have to summon all your strengths in order the process of losing weight to be kept.

*Remember why you have started the process and refresh yourself with your inner resolution. Remember that you have your outward stimulus. As you stop right now there won’t be any rewards, presents and general acceptance. Remember that you have allies who believe in you.
*Do autogenic training. Work with your relation to being overweight. Remember as many negative expressions connected with overweight as you can. Remember how fat people and fat parts of a body are called. Remember the most insulting words. Write them on the sheet of paper. Close your eyes and repeat the first expression or word for several times. Remember a situation connected with this word. Feel how it is unpleasantly. Feel that deeply. Push this feeling from yourself, open your eyes and “affix” this expression or word to the sheet of paper where it is written. And then tear this sheet of paper to pieces and feel a great pleasure. After then write opposite expressions and words on a paper, remember the words what are usually said about beautiful people. Describe your view about a beautiful body. And now close your eyes and repeat the first expression and feel that it is said about you. Enjoy that. Do not hurry up. Do the same with every expression. Do not hide this sheet of paper and read it regularly and enjoy.
*Make two unloading days a week, but not more because their effectiveness will be decreased.

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