Foods That Build Muscle

If you have been working out for a while trying to gain weight, yet have not succeeded, you might want to take a good look at your diet. Making sure your diet is well balanced and containing all the nutrients you need can have a large impact on your success at building muscle. So if you are neglecting the proper nutrition and you are eating an unhealthy diet, your body is probably neglecting the growth of muscle tissue as well.

Laboratory Foods

Laboratory foods have taken the world by storm and are everywhere. The food source of America seems to be mainly consisting of these processed foods and the majority of the grocery stores are filled with them . Although is difficult to put all the fault on the customer, mainly due to the fact that the food industry has been lying to their customers for years about the quality of their foods. I mean if they flat out told people that their food will kill you, I wonder how much business they would lose.

Processed foods are new on the market, and the use of laboratories to modify foods are quite new as well. Even though these foods just emerged into the environment, diseases have already gone up dramatically as a result of their introduction. So I would try to stay clear of all processed foods, that is if you are serious about packing on some muscle weight.

Paleolithic Nutrition

Now this is related to the Paleolithic age period in time, right when our ancestors first began evolving into modern humans. During this period of time the need for calories were steadily increasing due to the size of their brains increasing.

By taking a look at their diet back then a new diet was created named Caveman Diet. This diet is based off of whole foods and consisted of mainly meat, fish, shellfish, leafy vegetable, fruits, nuts and insects. McDonald, or frozen foods with preservatives and other crazy chemicals added to make them taste like sugary candy. The only food choices they had were whole foods, just like nature intended.

Getting Rid of the Bad, Bringing in the Good

You might be asking how does any of this relate to muscle building? Nutrition is one of the biggest parts about muscle building. You have to give your body what it needs to build muscle. If you do not get all the nutrients you need, then your body will be unable to create the muscle you are working so hard to build.

What you need to do is get rid of all the bad things and start taking in all the good things you need. I recommend to stop eating fast food, and also avoid eating those processed ready to eat meals in the frozen section. That includes almost all the freezer section except for the frozen vegetables and fruits. I suggest using the caveman diet as a basis and then adding some other foods to make it complete.

To Conclude All This

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I hope you learned how important a healthy diet is for building muscle. You have to provide your body with all the supplies it needs in order to get the desired results you are looking for (massive muscle growth).

If you do not give your body all the food that it needs to create, repair and rebuild muscle It is like trying to build a house without the wood and nails that are used for the actual building. I believe quality nutrition can be the difference between getting a little bit of results and packing tons of muscle on your body. Well sounds like it is time for some meal planning for you. Best to get to work, you do not want to keep your muscles waiting.

Good Luck, Eat Smart

Cory Cook

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