Food Need For Training

How correctly to construct the food before, during and after training, to receive from it the maximum return and desirable result?

Food before training should contain carbohydrates and not to contain some of any fats (it is desirable, no more than 3 gramme).

Carbohydrates before training are necessary to provide muscles and a brain with energy. Fibers before training will not be an energy source, they will be a source of amino acids for working muscles. As a result right after trainings fiber synthesis sharply increases in muscles.
Fat in a food before training should be absent, because fat in food slows down a work of stomach and speed of digestion. The fat food is in a stomach and if there is during training can cause gripes, a nausea and an eructation longer.

The following will be food classic methods before training: fowl (a turkey, chicken) with rough bread or rice a low-fat beefsteak with a potato from fibers of eggs with porridge.
Caloric content of food intake should be usual, same, as well as at all other your food intakes.

If you train to increase muscular weight 30 minutes prior to training eat one fruit of the large sizes with low index (an apple, a pear, a strawberry or any other berries) and wash down with its albuminous drink (better from the squirrel (whey protein powder)).
Also 30 minutes prior to training drink a glass of strong black coffee (not with cream) or very strong green tea. It will help to mobilise fat from fatty cages that the body could take advantage of it as fuel. Thus, during training you will burn more fat and less glucose and amino acids. The weariness in the course of training will come much later. The head will be better to think, and you can train more intensively. The effect from coffee before training lasts approximately 2 hours.

At once before training it is better all distract from digestion process (rhythmical reductions of a stomach to digest food). As a last resort, if you are very hungry it is possible to drink a glass of an albuminous cocktail or milk.

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A food during time training is the main thing, during training do not to forget to drink! Already at 2 %-s’ dehydration training will be languid and ineffective.

If you have noticed dehydration symptoms (two or more simultaneously): feeling of thirst dryness in a mouth dry or even the cracked lips dizziness weariness a headache irritability absence of appetite,
immediately start to drink water and interrupt training for some minutes till the symptoms will not pass. Drink mode the following: directly before the training beginning drink a glass of water and during employment drink on slightly each 15-20 minutes. The volume of the drunk will depend on quantity of sweat.

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