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Surprisingly but the basic pleasures of the person is at all not sex, but meal and a dream. And if with the last all is clear: the more you sleep the better you feel, but here about meal of it is impossible to tell so. Products getting to an organism become its part and are naturally reflected in its state of health. A healthy food at all doesn’t mean that it is necessary to forget about bread and meat, pushing in yourself useful salad or cottage cheese. The flexible diet is based on that fact that each of us has food habits, to struggle with which absolutely there is no sense. These habits need to be corrected only a little. How? About it I will try to tell you.
The flexible diet offers three meals a day habitual by all, thus, the more various food is on a table, the better it is. Here it is not necessary to consider calories but it is necessary to adhere to that for days it is possible to eat:

* six units of fibers,
* one unit of sour-milk products,
* three units of fruit,
* three units of carbohydrates,
* tea or coffee – habitual quantity but without sugar,
* three units of fruit,
* seasonings and spices.

Thus one fruit of average size (for example, the orange, a peach, an apple or a pear) is considered one unit, 100 gram of berries or a grapefruit half, and also 100 gram of not too sweet juice also make one unit.

150 gram of sweet yogurt or 220 gram of fat-free kefir are accepted to one unit, and here 100 gram of bread, rice or macaroni will make already whole 4 units of carbohydrates. Meat low-fat products in 100 grams will give also 4 units, but the fibers, one egg or 75 gram of cheese makes 1 unit.

To keep to a flexible diet, basically, is not difficult, besides between food intakes it is possible to have a bite cucumbers, cabbage and salads from these vegetables. It is necessary to reduce sausages, Pies and vermicelli but in the rest the full freedom of action is given. During a diet it is not necessary to alter or persuade yourself. Not the diet is for nothing after all is named by flexible if it would not be desirable to eat dairy products and all dreams only about a fruit dessert – so even to the best, the main thing is not to abuse carbohydrates and fibers. So, it is possible to eat without problems a shish kebab or vegetable salads, it is necessary to limit only a little in fast carbohydrates.

At once before monthly to start a diet it is not necessary, it is better to wait until while the organism will come to the usual condition and already then to start to “cave in” under this diet. If to keep to a diet at once it is impossible – anything terrible, harmony in a soul is more important than units and superfluous kg. If the flexible diet becomes not a diet but a way of life, kgs never will return, after all it is based on principles of a healthy food.

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