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Five Boot Camp Secrets For Weight Loss Results

After you’ve been training for awhile and working with clients you get to the point where you’ve been asked every question or given every excuse as to why they (your clients) are not seeing the weight loss they anticipated.

Most of the time I know the answer (they’re lazy!), but sometimes I don’t so I’m forced to research a bit. I usually check out peer reviewed journals, good old magazines, or go to other trusted professionals in the industry.

If there’s one thing that separates the prosperous personal trainers from those who do just okay, it’s continuing education. Yes, there are classes, seminars, and books; however, learning from others is probably the best way.

Too often, we let our egos get in the way and refuse to acknowledge that there are more knowledgeable, experienced trainers out there. This is a COSTLY mistake. There will always be someone out there with more experience or, at the very least, different experience from yourself. Don’t be afraid to put the ego aside to learn something new from another personal trainer.

Anyways, here are 5 “secrets” to getting much better weight loss results for your training and boot camp clients.

1. Start each boot camp with a Motivational quote.

It surprises me that more trainers don’t do this. I did this at the very first boot camp I ran and was laughed at by a few other trainers. Guess what? The clients loved it and I share a motivational quote in almost every boot camp whether I throw it in the beginning, middle, or finish the day with one.

Everybody motivates in a different manner, but I guarantee that these little motivational quotes will help connect your clients and increase your “expert” status in their eyes.

2. Constantly remind them that they need you.

The bottom line is that beginners with trainers get much better results than beginners without trainers. How you remind them will vary from client to client, but it you provide enough value and “blow their mind” every now and then you should be covered.

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3. Demand your clients’ absolute best every workout.

Better yet, demand that your client hits a personal best each boot camp. Results is the biggest motivator so when your client realizes that they are getting better and better they will feel good about themselves AND about paying you!

4. Require your clients to keep track of food intake.

Even if it’s for a few weeks or couple of months, people who keep track of their calorie intake lose more weight than those who don’t. It’s an eye opener for most people when they see who much and how awfullybad they eat.

5. Intervals are great, but…

Shuttle running is better! The latest research shows that shuttle running is tougher than running intervals in a straight line. Adding shuttle runs to the mix will help your clients burn more fat faster and you can add some variety at the same time.

Fun, effective bootcamp drills and boot camp fitness workout are the key to a successful (ie. Profitable!) boot camp. So, be sure to mix it up and always keep these secrets in the back of your mind.

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