Fitness With The Child

All parents know how it is important that their child was healthy and strong.
After all the healthy kid is quiet, better and faster develops, absorbs more information. Regular employment by physical culture strengthen immunity, raise resistibility of an organism to illnesses, correct development lacks.
Children fitness is directed on studying of bases of dance, statement correct remains, training to massage receptions, children perfectly join in game giving of employment.

Thanks to children’s fitness you accustom the child to aspire to a healthy way of life, will set to him positive installations on self-development and self-improvement, thereby he will manage to protect himself from bad habits in the future.

Teenagers and children always are engaged sincerely and with full return, they are absolutely opened for the new information, for finding of skills which they will carry by through all life, therefore it is very important to give them the best right now.

Children are not only additional weight during the trainings, they are also excellent trainers. We in vain underestimate them. Children is more senior, it is possible to involve them in employment by fitness, the double advantage in this case will turn out. For the child it is only game from which they will receive the sea of pleasure and additional dialogue with you. And for you it is fine possibility between times to be engaged in the figure delivering pleasure to the son or a daughter. Use this possibility on rest and everybody will remain happy and satisfied.

For hands and a body. From a prone position on a stomach to raise a body – feet on toes, and hands are bent in an elbow. The body direct, is strained. The child rolls a ball under a body about one party, and then back.
For a stomach. Now we will be engaged in a press. In a prone position on a foot back to bend in knees and to put on the earth. Mum throws to the child a ball, he returns it. Stopping a ball to raise shoulders. Repeatedly repeat, thus always press muscles remain strained.
For feet. To rise directly, feet widely to place, the child costs opposite, he throws a ball. Catching a ball deeply to sit down having lowered a ball downwards. On lifting to return a ball to the child completely having straightened knees. To repeat again some times.

For priests. Lying on a back to put the feet bent in knees on the earth, to raise to the priest and to strain a stomach. The kid again rolls a ball under a body with one and on the other hand. The back, the priest and a hip well becomes stronger.

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For a back. Exercise looks simple enough and convenient, however well and accurately strengthens shoulders and a back. Mother lies on a stomach, the child sits before it in a lap, both throw a ball each other. Thus mother raises case top.

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