Fitness – To Children!

Each parent knows how it is important that the child grew healthy and strong. To accustom children to a healthy way of life since small years is one of the major problems who faces to young parents. How to achieve it? To pay attention to such popular direction as «Children’s fitness»!

In this article we will tell about children’s fitness as much as possible in detail.
What are basic differences of children’s and adult fitness? Whether it is impossible to be limited to simple employment of physical culture at school? Employment by children’s fitness is the balanced lesson of physical culture in small group. It differs from habitual lessons filling of the program and the colourful equipment. Besides, quantity of employment at school – a maximum two times a week, and on a grid of children’s club – a minimum 7 on each age (depending on club possibilities). Unlike school, in groups there are children of different age, therefore we give the chance small to try to keep step big, and big to help the small.
Benevolent atmosphere, the game environment, fascinating employment allow the child to forget about parents. Here children become more independent. Children’s fitness is a fine and necessary addition to a kindergarten and school. After all in them no means always there are conditions for various physical activity, and because of a considerable quantity of children in groups, there is no possibility to consider specific features of each child.

What directions of children’s fitness are most popular, and how they share on age? In what feature of each of them? Yhe most popular had appeared: yoga, gymnastics, acrobatics, (and in general, oriental combat sports), and also dances. In my opinion, quite logically we have divided children on age as follows: 3-4,5 years; 5-7 years; 7-9 years; 9-12 years, 12-15 years. Why so? In each designated age period the leading activity: at small – game, at middle age – training, at seniors – educational. The approach depends on it in program carrying out also.

What is better: a complex of directions or a certain kind of employment? How to define, what of directions of children’s fitness most of all interestingly and is useful for the certain child. The main thing is that the schedule should be balanced. For example for each age we offer the complex of programs. Also it is necessary to consider desires of the child. And it is final, if the child special, special employment are necessary to it: in that case, probably, individual employment is your choice.

What is duration of one employment? The employment lasts 45 minutes – as practice shows, it is the optimum duration of employment habitual and convenient for children.

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