Fitness Testing

Often enough, looking through the list of services of fitness clubs you met a word-combination fitness testing. Is it necessary and what you receive having passed the given inspection?

Offering this service, the majority fitness centres sets as the purpose to define the general physical condition of the client, to calculate optimum loadings and to reveal weak places. Fitness testing can be divided into two kinds conditionally: a professional medical office with set of various tests and the express train-fitness test generating the further program of employment.

1. Medical examination
Begins with medical inspection and definition of the anthopometrical data (growth, weight, a grasp of different parts of a body, a force index). Then the estimation of working capacity of cardiovascular and respiratory system is spent – arterial pressure, frequency of warm reductions, capacity of lungs and breath volume is measured. For definition of a percentage parity of the maintenance in your organism of fat, water and fabrics in your organism are used special devices. For an estimation of physical working capacity to you will suggest to pass various loading tests for definition of muscular force, flexibility, adaptation of respiratory and cardiovascular system to loadings. In the course of this training as much as possible admissible physical activity, that is a limit for normal functioning of your organism is defined also.
All data will be brought in your private affair. In the majority of clubs computer programs for processing of results of research are now used. On the basis of all tests calculation of optimum physical activities will be made, and also will recommendations or the plan of the further trainings in fitness club, in particular optimum frequency and duration of trainings, accent on certain muscles, recommendations about a drinking mode are generated during employment, and even on a food allowance. Sometimes it is possible to meet medical interpretation of results, however for this purpose it is required highly skilled experts, and such testing will cost much more. Therefore the majority of clubs have already refused such practice.

2. The express test
The accelerated technique of testing is spent by means of the special program and gauges of pulse or frequency of warm reductions. Such testing occupies no more than 10 minutes, and costs not much, therefore many clubs recommend to spend it regularly for the purpose of tracing of progress and results of trainings. After passage of the test the doctor, and also your trainer will receive data on a functional condition of your organism, optimum borders of pulse during the employment, recommended loadings, and sometimes and the high-grade plan of trainings in club. Such device can be used and in house conditions – it consists of the gauge of pulse with an USB-exit and the computer program, which itself processes results and gives out the plan of employment.

Definitely full medical examination more expensive and labour-consuming pleasure, however is quite enough express test for calculation of optimum loadings. The choice depends on your purposes – to receive the full information on a condition of the organism or general idea on its possibilities and admissible levels of loading.

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