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Whether you know that employment by some kinds of sports can become the starting mechanism for serious diseases? It is not necessary to cancel trainings, and here you are obliged to observe safety precautions!

Everybody around only also tells about advantage of physical exercises. But very few people recollects importance of safety measures at employment by fitness. It is considered that sports by definition cannot do much harm.

And after all it is far not each trainer even in well proved fitness club tells the ward about subtleties of technics of performance of difficult exercises. Not to mention that any, even the most plain exercise if regularly to carry out it incorrectly, not only will appear useless, but can provoke traumas and even serious problems with health!

Protect a back!

Seldom admirers of fitness give a proper attention to strengthening of muscles of a back, as a result the backbone turns to an original Achilles’ heel. And though it is not an occasion to refuse sports, incorrectly carrying out, for example, the same liftings of feet from a prone position (for strengthening of the bottom press), it is possible to injure a waist without ceremony!

The matter is that at the majority of women a muscles of a back are poorly developed and are not in a condition to hold a waist pressed to a floor — as that is demanded by the technician of performance of this exercise. As a result the waist tests powerful loading and, accordingly, traumas and stretchings are possible.

Exit is to strengthen muscles of a back and to do exactly that quantity of exercises and with such amplitude at which you in a condition to keep a waist pressed to a floor.
To earn a back trauma is possible being engaged in step-aerobics: if to cave in a waist, especially at liftings of feet.
Intensive employment by belly dance also is fraught with backbone traumas.

Therefore it is useful to alternate run, for example, to driving on a bicycle.

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Joints: learn to feel.

At employment by such popular kinds of sports, as run, tennis, driving on a bicycle, step-aerobics, etc. (are interfaced to high-intensity shock loading) joints the first test pressure. Therefore who has weak joints, it is necessary to approach especially carefully to a choice of a kind of physical activity and necessarily to observe safety precautions.

For example, if it is run it is not necessary to take a great interest at once in distant distances – begin with distance which you can run without a short wind, then gradually increase duration of employment. So your joints will gradually get used to loadings and will not disturb you. Also at too intensive employment by run and others kinds of aerobics there can be problems with cardiovascular system. Therefore it is not necessary to try to break all Olympic records in the very first days of employment.

Obviously distance running can help a lot with the general fitness and health of your body. So, if you are interested in the runners training guide or distance running information – please visit this site.

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