Fitness Or Sex: We Combine Business With Pleasure
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Fitness Or Sex: We Combine Business With Pleasure

Sex and fitness are concepts of something relatives and to some extent closely connected. Meticulous scientists do not try to find out first ten years how physical activities influence the modern person living in an atmosphere of constant works involving all hands-on work, “dirty” environment and an improper feeding. By practical consideration, they have established that sex is even more useful than sports activities.

A sexually raised person has the pulse rate with 70 to 150 blows in a minute as the sportsman who makes the maximum effort in running on a short distance. It occurs under the influence of a hormone which supervises muscles and functioning of a uterus in pregnancy. It was found out that during the time of orgasm level of this hormone raises in 5 times. Besides, during the time of orgasm under influence оf this hormone, the quantity of warm reductions increases in 2 times and the blood pressure raises. Therefore, according to scientists, good sex strengthens the heart and prevents cardiovascular diseases, it is not worse at all than employment on super-fashionable training apparatus. Other two hormones also reduce the risk of heart diseases.

People who 2 times a week make love not less often possess more a sound health than those who neglect or those who to the reasons does not presume such “luxury”. Regular sex, on assurances of doctors, protects the woman from a breast cancer, influences a state of mind (emission of hormones during the sexual intercourses relaxations promote), has salutary influence on the immune system, protects from colds and the flu, improves the sense of smell and even develops mental abilities for women! Even from one thought of sex, the organism starts to develop all the same magic hormone from which women get the ability to think more clearly and deeply. However, men get tired of sex. However, this pleasant weariness lasts not for long and the most powerful counter reaction doing the person more active and enterprising begins in an organism.

Sexual intercourse is an original training in the fitness center. During it the large quantity of muscles works: not only feet, buttocks but also a stomach, a breast, hands, and a back. And when we are captured by emotions and absorbed by pleasant sensations, express training in bed appears out of the competition! “All! I stop to spend money on employment inexpensive fitness center and to buy beautiful sportswear!”, – you can think. However be not of a delusion, sex and fitness are interconnected, but you should go to the gym also.

Sex by nature is vigorous. But that it could replace completely physical activity necessary for us, it should make love till some hours per day, and without reducing the rate and varying poses. Sex would become tiresome routine and a duty instead of a splash of passions and emotions.

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