Fitness Is The Way Of Life Allowing To Keep And Strengthen Health

Before to begin or continue the employment by fitness learn answers to the most important questions.

How to train correctly? Training loading should be optimum: it is impossible to be overstrained and senselessly to be engaged so that you do not get tired at all. Each time it is necessary to give itself the loading exceeding habitual and at the same time feasible for possibilities of an organism.

How to define the intensity of loading? There are standard formulas. At calculation it is necessary to make a start from indicators of the maximum pulse (Рmах). Pays off Рmах so: 220 minus age figure.In exceptional cases if there are problems with health consult with the personal trainer.
What there are types of loadings? Loadings differ on two types: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic loadings are more sparing. They are obligatory if you only have started to be engaged in fitness. Aerobic exercises prepare an organism for heavier trainings.

Be engaged in a mode of aerobic loadings not less than 2 times a week. Each training lasts at least 40 minutes. Level of Rmah for beginners makes 65-75 %. More skilled train at level of 70-80 %.

Energy for aerobic trainings is formed at the expense of fat burning.

Anaerobic loadings mean exercises with burdenings. Carrying out on 5 repetitions in exercise you develop force. 5-10 repetitions make active growth of a muscular fabric. Performance of 10-15 repetitions in exercise bring up power endurance. For those who only has started to be engaged in fitness is recommended to use repetitions on development of power endurance. Indicators of the maximum pulse at anaerobic loadings fluctuate in an interval of 80-100 %.
At loss of fat you grow thin no more than on 500 gramme in a week. If your losses are more serious it means that you lose water and muscular weight.

How to train if it is necessary to get rid of excessive fat?

Mode such: aerobic trainings with Rmah of 65-75 % should pass not less than 3 times a week for 40-60 minutes.

Is it possible to remove completely all fat?

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No. Minimum is considered the 12 percent maintenance of fat in a female organism: it is a hypodermically-fatty layer and also internal fat.

Aerobics does not delete fat in a certain place. With its help it is possible to reduce a hypodermically-fatty layer on all body. If it is necessary to result separate sites of a body in the form, trainings with the burdenings intended for updating of volumes will help.
What trainings are necessary to strengthen weak and languid muscles?

If the quantity of fat in a body is minimum but muscles have no tone they look as the real fat. Train with burdenings 2 times a week at level of Rmah of 85-95 %.
How to train if it is necessary to reduce not only a hypodermically-fatty layer but also muscular weight?

2 times a week train in a mode of aerobic loading for 40-60 minutes with Rmah of 70-80 %.

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