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Frequency of employment by fitness.
Frequency of employment is defined by various factors but the main thing that it cannot be considered without the account of the chosen mode of trainings, duration and intensity of employment. Besides the paramount factors for definition of frequency of employment are the presence of time resources (free time) or the schedule of your work, presence of impellent skill, level and object in view terms and the level of your physical preparation.

Various kinds of trainings have various optimum frequency of employment. Usually the more strongly pressure is required in the chosen kind fitness of trainings or sports the less often they should be spent.
Pay attention what concerns skilled athletes with the experience more than ten years. Trainings with difficult impellent coordination, but with ready smaller pressure, for example, tennis, can pass two times a day daily.

Duration and intensity of trainings which define frequency of employment depend on your experience and the typed experience. Beginners cannot develop high intensity and duration of trainings, therefore physically they can conduct lessons often enough but under condition of low intensity and duration of employment. It happens sometimes that the training of beginners with weak initial level of preparation can last no more than 5 minutes.

Frequent but with the minimum loadings of training are required for optimum (best) accustoming (adaptation) to a physical activity and faster formation of impellent skill without which increase of intensity of trainings is not possible. It turns out that the more low level of physical preparation the above frequency of spent trainings.

Results of the spent researches have shown that the optimal frequency for beginners is carrying out of 3-5 employment in a week. It however does not mean that carrying out of 6 or 7 employment in a week will not render positive additional influence simply optimum result is provided with 3-5 employment in a week.

It is necessary to begin with 3 employments in a week and to finish to 5 if muscular activity gives pleasure and it is well transferred. Happens the person actively starts employment, training, every day within several weeks that, eventually, leads to considerable exhaustion.

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However, in the conditions of a modern life the person seldom manages to leave on level of three employments in a week owing to the big congestion on work. There are cases when people can train two or even only once in a week is more often. On supervision the minimum positive shifts can be found out if it is possible to be engaged not less often than once in nine days.
Thus definition of frequency of employment with the account of requirements for achievement of the purposes and possibilities to be engaged is often enough one of key questions of drawing up of yours program fitness. If you do not leave on level of three employments in a week try to make efforts and to find a free time for achievement of this level.

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