Fitness Is The Way Of Life Allowing To Keep And Strengthen Health

Having decided to be engaged in fitness it is not necessary to buy at once the most fashionable sportswear and to stand in line to sparkling training apparatus. It is necessary to understand for yourself a number of theoretical questions. Only then the decision of being engaged in fitness can outgrow in serious training process instead of breakingthe first difficulties.

Correctly organise trainings, it is necessary to be defined, with an ultimate goal. Usually people are engaged in fitness on 3 principal causes.

1. To se in type the weight.

2. To lose weight.

3. To improve an organism and to save weight in norm.

The trainings should be planned. If you want to lose the weight your trainings should be intensivand long, about 4-6 times in a week with active use of a racetrack, a velosimulator and so on. At a weight set it is required to spend slow trainings 2-3 times a week on which it is necessary to study the basic groups of muscles by means of power training apparatus and also a bar and dumbbells. If the purpose of employment is appearance it is necessary to be engaged 1-3 times a week using as cardio and power training apparatus depending on an object.

Power training apparatus consist of the system of levers and counterbalances with which help is possible to load certain muscular group separately.

Using bar and dumbbells is possible to study the big muscular groups actively. Exercises with a bar and dumbbells are considered as a basis of any power preparation.

Base exercises are developed for training of the basic muscular groups. Also it is necessary to begin employment by fitness with working off of these exercises and then to study in addition isolated exercises on training apparatus.

Muscles of feet – knee-bend and attacks with a bar.

Muscles of a stomach (press) – trunk lifting to feet and lifting of feet to a trunk.

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Muscles of a bottom of a back – lifting of a bar or dumbbells from a floor with a direct back and the a bit bent feet.

Breast muscles – a bar press, in a prone position on a horizontal or inclined bench distributing of hands with dumbbells on a horizontal bench.

Muscles of shoulders – a press of a bar because of a head the wide successful fellow lifting of hands with dumbbells through the parties to level of shoulders.

Fulfilling each exercise it is necessary to observe «technics of movement» instead of lifting of the maximum weight. Carrying out exercises with correct «movement technics» the sportsman influences necessary muscles reducing risk of occurrence of traumas.

Unfortunately small damages happen with all people who are engaged in fitness. To reduce risk of occurrence of traumas to a minimum is necessary to begin training with warm-up. Warm-up is an irreplaceable component of training. It should consist of two small parts: 5-10 minutes of employment on cardio-training apparatus and active warm-up of muscles.

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