Fitness Is The Way Of Life Allowing To Keep And Strengthen Health

Today you have decided to go to sports hall. Someone prepares in advance for it, collects the form and after work at once goes on trainings. For someone it is a habit and the ordinary, image maintenance. However all who is engaged in fitness wish to see the result, the effect from these trainings. But happens that it is not possible to reach desirable result in any way. Sometimes people just simply forget about an active way of life, that it is necessary to conduct a certain way of life correctly.

The food before trainings should include fibers and carbohydrates and exclude fats.

Carbohydrates before trainings should be in a in order the brain and muscles be provided with energy. If there is a lot of fat cannot transport the necessary volume of energy. Right after the training terminations fiber synthesis sharply increases in muscles.

And fat in before training should be absent for that simple reason that it brakes speed of digestion and stomach work. The matter is that the fat food stays in a stomach very long and during employment by fitness it is capable to make a sick, gripes, an eructation.

It is better to eat before training a low-fat beefsteak with a potato, fowl with rice or rough bread or an omelette with porridge.

It is desirable to drink a glass of very strong green tea or very strong black tea before training. It promotes mobilisation of fat from fatty cages for its use as fuel. Therefore in the course of trainings it will turn out to burn more fat.

Drinking in the course of training.

In the course of employment by fitness the most important thing is not to forget to use a liquid. As soon as there come the minimum dehydration,your training will be ineffective and languid.
If in the course of training you had some signs of dehydration, for example feeling of thirst, weariness, absence of appetite, the dizziness, the cracked lips, dryness in a mouth and others it is necessary to interrupt at once training and to start to drink water.

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The drinking mode includes: to drink a water glass before training, and each 15-20 minutes of employment to drink little by little. If your employment proceeds more hour it is recommended to take special sports drinks, the useful electrolits (salts) which leave a body with urine. It is authorised also in the course of employment by fitness to drink juice, it is desirable only fresh.

A food after the training termination.

It is desirable not to eat the first 20 minutes after the training . After training is desirable not to drink nothing that contains a caffeine, that is all chocolate, tea, coffee, cocoa.

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