Fitness Is The Way Of Life Allowing To Keep And Strengthen Health

We know about existence of biorhythms and how it is important to consider them at planning of any activity. However at playing sports the majority of people do not take into consideration the biorhythms and in vain as fitness during optimum time for an organism will give the greatest effect and playing sports during improper time at times can even do much harm.

First of all give the answer to two important questions. The first question is when do you feel better? The second question is when your activity is minimum, when you would like to have a rest only, sitting in an armchair or lying on a sofa?

Depending on answers to this points in question you should choose time for employment by fitness. It is obvious, it is necessary that to be engaged when you are most active.

Experts have found out that the majority of people throughout days is endured by two peaks of activity when their working capacity is maximum. More often these peaks have for a while between 8 both 12 o’clock in the afternoon and 17 and 19 o’clock in the evening. And here during the period with 13 to 15 o’clock in the afternoon the organism of the majority of people would not like anything except rest. However, it is only average frameworks, in practice all can be in another way as besides average values is also specific features of each person.

That who concerns a category of owls is better to go in for sports in the evenings as for these people the basic peak of activity is necessary on vespers-night period. Visiting of fitness club after end of day of work not only will give pleasure but also will allow to feel better in the mornings.

If work so strongly exhausts that on fitness already there are no forces even at owls it is possible to be engaged in yoga or other quiet kinds of sports. And active loadings to postpone to days off when there will be many forces, time and energy.

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Larks feel better since morning and in the evening they usually would not like anything except a dream. Therefore to larks is better to be engaged in fitness in the mornings. If there is no time for fitness club visiting it is possible to be limited a complex of exercises directly at home. One more advantage of morning trainings is that fact what exactly in the morning a metabolism is the most active and it means that exactly in these hours will be possible to grow thin most strongly.
Pigeons easily adapt to any mode, therefore they can be engaged in fitness at any convenient time. However it is important to consider one indispensable condition: in the middle of day for pigeons comes the period when it is necessary for them to have a rest and restore forces, therefore trainings in the middle of day will not approach pigeons.

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