Fitness Is The Best Energizer!

To pull out and endure stress as it was found out, is possible in very simple way – by means of fitness. Scientists of the countries of the West have proved: regular physical activities help not only to a body, but also to a soul. And with their help probably it is not difficult only to help yourself to cope with a bad state of mind or stress at present, but also to make “an antistressful” inoculation on the future.

And fitness operates by two ways. The first way is a physical relaxation. Probably, any will remember that in depression you fell weakness and slackness in all body, it becomes very heavy-heavy and very clumsy, the elementary actions, such as a campaign in shop or apartment cleaning seem as difficult and impossible as lifting to the Everest …
After all regular employment strengthen body muscles, relieve of excess weight, and also fitness is capable to help to weaken certain groups of muscles which involuntarily strain when the person comes across in stressful situations. Such pressure conducts to fast exhaustion. Intensive kinds of physical activity here will help.

Besides, employment by such kinds of sports as run, swimming, sports walking, gymnastics and so on promote increase in wave activity of a brain. The given kind of activity of a brain just leads to that condition which is defined as “by calmness and vivacity”.
Fitness as depression and stress preventive maintenance will help if to give to it not less than five days in a week and not less than half an hour in day. It is possible to choose one kind of sports and to devote yourself to it, and it is possible to alternate some kinds of fitness supplementing each other. That it is better to understand that approaches a body, it is necessary to define accurately own purposes and to consult to the professional instructor in fitness.

One of effective ways of struggle against stress is regular physical activity, differently – employment by fitness. It is proved that physically active people are steadier against stresses than people conducting an inactive way of life. Many long years interrelation studying physical activities allow to speak about following facts.

Head and body

Muscular armour.

Negative emotions which call muscular blocks, and better to say pressure of some groups of muscles can be weakened by means of physical exercises.

Pressure in muscles increases during stress and can become the reason of psychological weariness. After intensive training a muscle relaxes. One research on activity measurement in muscles has confirmed that walking, jog or driving on a bicycle reduces pressure in muscles by 50 % later 90 minutes after training. The physical relaxation, as a rule, always involves also a psychological relaxation, than helps to struggle with stress.

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Alpha waves.

Rhythmical exercises, such as for example walking, run, rowing or swimming increase alpha wave activity in a brain. Alpha waves connect with a quiet emotional condition of the person, for example, as during meditation. Rhythmical breath during performance of certain exercises also promotes increase in activity of alpha waves.

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