Fitness Is First Of All A Healthy Way Of Life

Instructors in fitness have found a way to increase considerably the efficiency of trainings. Slightly having changed conditions of employment it is possible to accelerate weight reduction.

Research with participation of 11 physically healthy and active men and women has shown that if employment by fitness passes in a premise with temperature of air above an average, first, during trainings burns down more calories, and secondly, appetite decreases.

So, supervision have shown that if volunteers were engaged indoors with temperature of air of 25 degrees on Celsius after training they consumed with food on the average on 300 calories more than after employment indoors with temperature of air of 36 degrees on Celsius.

That is the daily dose of calories decreases a minimum on 300 units. It considerably accelerates process of weight reduction and helps to achieve desirable results faster.

Besides during trainings in a warm premise there is a burning of bigger quantity of calories than during employment on a cold or at average temperature of air.
Exercises with dumbbells are very useful to women owing to which besides muscular extensions external loading is used also. There are dumbbells the various form and weight. Besides for beginners are made special hollow in a dumbbell with which subsequently is possible to fill with sand or water for increase in loading and performance of various exercises.

Experts in fitness develop special exercises for women. It is very simply and conveniently to work with dumbbells as they take a few places and are effective at performance of various exercises.
Exercise №1

Exercise with dumbbells for development and maintenance in the form of muscles of hands. Initial position is standing, feet are a little dissolved in the parties. Lift hands with dumbbells on 1-2 kg over a head, and then lower them on shoulders. Elbows are thus directed every which way. Carrying out such exercise daily on 3 approaches (in everyone) you strengthen 10 liftings and will develop your hands.

Exercises for women with dumbbells are calculated on small loadings. However, to carry out such exercises is necessary daily in order to avoid an atrophy of already trained muscles.

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Exercise №2

Such exercise is calculated on strengthening of pectoral muscles. A starting position is lying on a back on a sports bench. Feet on a floor, they are bent in knees. The dumbbell for such exercise needs to take also not heavy (1-2 kg). The hands a bit bent in elbows, take away back for a head. To repeat exercise 8-10 times are necessary. And whenever possible you have to execute 2 approaches.

Exercises for women with dumbbells or without are directed first of all not on “cultivation” of muscles, but on their complex strengthening. The female body should to remain womanly despite of everything. Thus try not to be overzealous with weight of shells and also with quantity of approaches. It is recommended to carry out exercises regularly but gradually and to strengthen those sites of a body which most of all require it.

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