Fitness Is First Of All A Healthy Way Of Life

Looking at the tightened bodies of models sometimes it seems to us that the computer is drawingeverything and that we will never become such. Yes, we vanish hours in sports halls, we eat one grass, and result is a zero. It is insulting. Though anything surprising here is not present, after all not only trainings are important but also eutrophy at employment by fitness. And its correctness consists not only of what we eat but also of how we eat.

First a food at employment by fitness should be easy but balanced. Secondly for half an hour before training lungs is necessary to eat something. Only it is not necessary to rush at once on sandwiches or the aerated drinks motivating it with that we after all have just worked in sports hall. Eat an apple is better or drink a kefir glass, also low-fat cottage cheese perfectly will approach. After training the organism will demand carbohydrates for completion of the spent energy. Well, fruit and various porridges can be excellent means that satisfy carbohydrate hunger after employment.

Thirdly a food at employment by fitness should be fractional, that is to accept food is necessary as it is possible more often, but on slightly as the organism acquires small portions than those huge which have arrived after long “hunger” is easier.

Getting in shop products for the correct diet, attentively study a label. Unfortunately, presently practically state supervision of quality of a foodstuff is not carried out and we buy them at own risk. Therefore, whenever possible try to buy products from the checked up suppliers, fresh and useful. Instead of sausage buy fresh meat, instead of macaroni and mashed potatoes packing buy groats and a fresh potato. Can safely buy the various vegetables which appearance do not call doubts. A food at employment by fitness should not manage also without fruit. But do not use them too much. In day it is necessary to eat approximately 2-3 apples and pair of bananas.

Excellent rule of a food at playing sports will be: «the supper give to the enemy». Really, it is better to drink a milk or kefir glass for a supper. Besides, throughout all day it is necessary to drink much (1-2 litres a day). Drink water as other drinks (tea, coffee) possess many properties undesirable to you. Do not try to grow thin using diuretic preparations. It will strongly do much harm to your organism which together with urine will wash away all useful components and the microcells which have arrived with food.
How correctly to eat, going in for sports? This question arises at each person who seriously approaches to playing sports. Certainly we will not tell anything new but we will recollect well forgotten old. As a rule huge value in food balance plays the food intake schedule, the account of physical activities and constitution type, reception and the expense of calories and certainly observance of principles of a combination of products.

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