Fitness Is A Style Of Life

Fitness is first of all a healthy way of life. Fitness is also perfection of the physical form, balance of emotional conditions. There is no definitive definition of fitness. Till now the different interpretation even in a writing of a word “fitness” and “fitness” is observed.

In a literal translation from English a word fitness means suitability, conformity. “Fitness” is understood as the term versatile development of physical abilities at improvement of state of health during employment by fitness.
Fitness is the way of life allowing to keep and strengthen health, to counterbalance an emotional condition, to improve the physical form. Fitness allows the person to be free from controllable risk factors. By means of fitness potential physical abilities develop.

Fitness is a way of life conducting to physical and mental health of the person. Fitness includes also employment in an exercise room, both aerobics, and eutrophy – in a word, fitness is a way of life which it is accepted to name “healthy”.
Fitness is a style of life. Healthy, active, beautiful, charming. Fitness by all means associates with success in a life and a youth.
The fitness training system also has the american roots and includes system of “building” of a body (bodybuilding), aerobic training and a balanced diet. As to “a power component” fitness training already in the early seventies became abundantly clear that bodybuilding (body building) copes with the decision of problems on well-muscled body building faster and more effectively than any system of physical exercises. The balanced food is one of the main conditions of success. Observance of principles of the balanced food allows to supervise receipt of all nutrients necessary for an organism in sufficient volume not to provoke any undesirable phenomena and also not to subject an organism to risk of diseases. Without observing principles of the balanced food it is impossible to increase dry weight of a body, at reduction of a fatty layer, to solve a problem of reduction or increase in weight of a body.

Also there is a shaping. Shaping is exclusively russian invention. Initially system of training with the name “shaping” has been created for increase of physical appeal of the woman. “Female appeal” in shaping is included into concept not only perfection of a figure but also well-groomed appearance, a hairdress, a make-up, clothes, etc. Shaping is complex system which unites not only physical exercises and food principles but also art (shaping-choreography), a fashion (shaping-style), the concept of appearance.

Training in shaping represents a complex of the exercises consistently influencing various muscles of a body. The training effect is reached by repeated repetition of cyclic exercise. Repetitions are carried out in moderate rate on a considerable quantity of times (to 300 and more) to full exhaustion (achievement of an individual maximum). Sometimes on separately taken muscular group carry out some exercises.

Aerobics has been created by the American doctor Kenneth Cooper and intended for struggle with such to factors of development of cardiovascular diseases. By means of the exercises which are carried out in an aerobic mode and a food with the low maintenance of animal fats in a human body most actively collapses superfluous cholesterol – the main enemy of vessels. And the emotionality at carrying out of employment improves mood. Liquidating negative influence of stresses.

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Fitness Training is intended for achievement of the balanced condition of optimum development of physical strength, flexibility, the control over weight of a body, correction of cardiovascular possibilities of an organism, positive physical and mental mood and really promotes figure correction.

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