Fitness Is A Style Of Life

More often for playing sports happens difficult to find time but it is possible to be engaged in fitness directly on a workplace combining thereby pleasant with useful and save the time.

Exercises for breast muscles.

Starting position: sitting on the brink of a chair, having straightened a back. Chair armrests need to be clasped hands so that brushes and elbows have settled down on an external surface of armrests. Having accepted a starting position, compress elbows as though tightening armrests to yourself. Be late in such position for five-six seconds, then relax. Repeat fifteen-twenty times.
Exercises for a press.

Starting position: sitting on a chair, a back a straight line, shoulders are straightened, buttocks are a little strained. Deeply inhale and on an exhalation as much as possible gather in a stomach. Repeat exercise not less than fifty times.

Exercises for hips.

Starting position: sitting on a chair, having pressed knees to each other. You will have to lean hands about a chair from both parties, hands should be at level of the middle of hips. Then start to press on hands hips, as much as possible straining muscles. In five-seven seconds relax. Repeat not less than twenty times. This exercise solves a widespread female problem with “riding breeches”.

Starting position is sitting on a chair, a back a straight line, feet on width of shoulders, stomach muscles are strained. Press by turns a heel of the right and left foot on a floor, saving pressure five-seven seconds. Repeat on ten times each foot. This exercise forces to work muscles of a back surface of a hip.

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Starting position is sitting on the brink of a chair, a back a straight line, feet together, knees are pressed to each other. Straighten by turns the right and left foot, thus a sock pull on yourself. Do until will feel easy burning in muscles. The given exercise helps to strengthen forward muscles of a hip.
For correct functioning of an organism is better to accept food four-five times a day. The approximate diet is more low resulted.
The key rule which all known sportsmen adhere, is “25-50-25”. The essence of this rule consists in the following: 25 % from daily requirement for calories should be in a breakfast, 50 % – in a dinner and 25 % – in a supper. Though, can be and insignificant deviations from the given rule. But it is necessary to remember always that a breakfast, as well as a supper, should not load a stomach strongly.

For correct formation of muscular weight it is necessary as to mention interrelation between the basic components of a food – carbohydrates, fibers and fats. Their quantity in an organism should be in a proportion 50:20:30, i.e. 50 % of a daily diet are carbohydrates, 20 % – fibers and 30 % – fats. Also it is necessary to exclude from the sport menu high-calorific dishes. It is necessary not to forget and about vitamins.

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