Fitness In The Pool

Let’s talk about why exercises in water so strongly involve people. For this purpose we will disassemble properties of water for which account performance of physical exercises in pool are so effective and pleasant.

Almost each person interested in fitness heard that exercises in water are very useful and effective. Really number of conclusive advantages of such exercises in water are visible at once. For example, in water it is impossible to earn a finiteness dislocation, difficultly to fill a bruise and even to rub a callosity. That is possibility to be traumatised is scanty enough. It is promoted by force of pushing out which influences our organism as soon as we are dipped into water. In the usual environment of our dwelling we are influenced by force of gravitation which does not allow to us to move as cosmonauts in free flight but gives the chance to go on our transitory planet. In water force of gravitation is weakened.
The force of gravitation and considerably decreases in water according to some information for 80 % at immersing in water on a breast but it nevertheless is present and influences a body. Actually influence on an organism of these counteracting forces (force of pushing out and gravitation) allows to lower loadings on joints. Carrying out jumps, jumpings up with which the majority overland fitness of programs we abounds practically we increase loading by a backbone and joints as on them to have all weight of a body and at a landing this weight increases under the influence of shock influence.

In pool it does not occur and this property of water does employment exclusively favorable for people suffering by excess weight, for pregnant women, the sportsmen restored after received traumas. Water as creates additional resistance at performance of the exercises which overcoming perfectly develops force and endurance of muscles but it is already other force of water, force of resistance. Speaking about resistance of water it is necessary to note that not all is identical and there are three types of resistance of water – front, vortical, viscous.

Everybody knows since the childhood that movement in water cannot be prompt as on a land, it is result of influence of resistance of water which is called as front and considerably surpasses resistance of air. This influence of the water environment promotes the big power consumption and develops cardiovascular system.
When the body shipped in the water environment starts to move actively, there is a so-called turbulence, and there is a vortical resistance of water. To be understood the movements are more active, the vortical resistance stronger complicates in addition process movement and balance preservations. Balance keeping at the arisen turbulence makes to strain press muscles. Carrying out exercises in pool is possible to increase loading by muscles quickly changing movement directions at performance of exercises.

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