Fitness In House Conditions

Do not like a society of sweating and straining people in sports hall? Do not worry, it is possible to be engaged at home. However, it is considered that being engaged in fitness house conditions you cannot give all the best at the full capacity, increase muscles. A question, and for what to the woman muscles, how at the Greek-Roman fighter? So, do not get into the head, be engaged houses if it is pleasant.

Pumps from a floor.

All known exercises from school lessons of physical culture are very useful. The basic muscles which get into gear are chest and hands. But as a whole loading is received by all muscles as during time of pumps it is necessary to hold a body in horizontal position. For example, if you have a weak press you cannot be wrung out many times.

We do two approaches till with rest 1-2 minutes. The third is the working approach, have to be done up to the end, on forces how many will suffice. In the end of exercise you should fall to a floor for weariness, only then it is possible to be assured of efficiency of training.


In knee-bends without additional weight muscles of feet will be involved basically only. With additional weight loading receive also back muscles. It is very important to hold weight on heels and to watch a bearing. It is not necessary to squat very deeply, there is enough that hips became parallel to a floor.

Without additional weight it is possible to squat very long and boringly. Therefore it is possible to squat on one foot. Do two approaches and one worker – up to the end. Remember the most important thing – approaches are necessary to warm up muscles and to prepare them for loading, i.e. to the working approach.

Exercises for a press.
Many think that press muscles happen top, bottom, average. Actually a muscle is one, it is simple in different positions strains either the top part, or bottom more.

There are many different exercises for press muscles. You can lift a trunk and can lift feet, in horizontal position, vertical, on a bench etc.

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At home it is possible to carry out twisting lying on a floor and lifting of direct feet (too lying on a floor). I t is individually for everyone how many do campaigns and repetitions. In the end you should feel that press muscles have properly got tired and were pulled.

If you have the additional equipment (dumbbells, a skipping rope, the Swedish wall, etc.) it is possible to arrange training not worse than in an exercise room.

It is possible to tell with confidence that from trainings of the house the advantage will be. Especially if you are the beginner.

Obviously distance running can assist a lot with the general fitness and health of your body. So, if you are interested in the runners training guide or endurance training running information – please visit this site.

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