Fitness In Heat

In summer days many of us joyfully run out to go in for sports on the sun. We make the big mistake. Certainly, to skip on a horse on a green grass or to play tennis open-air is much more pleasant employment than in a close hall to communicate with a callous training apparatus. But!

In the street we are trapped by the artful and imperceptible enemy – a heatstroke.

Even the most healthy and self-assured sportsman can fall a victim of heat. Without speaking about the fragile young young ladies who are keeping to a diet.

The mechanism of an overheat of an organism is simple enough.

When the body temperature raises, raises both pressure: the general and intracranial. And without necessary quantity of a liquid, there comes organism dehydration. It also leads to a heatstroke.

In general, degrees of thermal defeat happen different. We think, it is not necessary to lead up myself to the handle and to check, you are capable to take out which temperatures.

Just in case, remember heatstroke signs:

Sensation of weakness, dizziness, with an accompanying headache or a nausea;
Cold, damp skin, ashy pallor;
Dry language, thirst;
Strong muscular weariness;
Appetite loss;
In case of struggle against heat, the best protection is not an attack but preventive maintenance.

First, it is necessary to drink as much as possible liquid. Not very well, your activity is how much great, your organism should not suffer from moisture loss. Do not lead up it to desperate thirst. There are cases when the attending physician limits volume of water which we consume every day. If it concerns you, by all means consult at the doctor – how much you can drink without harm for health.

Do not abuse the drinks containing caffeine, alcohol or a sugar considerable quantity – they will provoke you to even big loss of water. Also do not pursue awfully cold drink (though in heat it is the big temptation) as the ice liquid can lead to gastric spasms.

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Do not spend too much time in open and hot air. Even some hours spent in the conditioned premise, will cool your body and will help it to cope with heat during the day.

Fans give some simplification but when the temperature is high enough, fans do not rescue those who is subject to heatstrokes. It is better to take a cold bath or a shower.

Carry in heat easy, spacious, light clothes, is better – from natural fabrics. And, please, never leave anybody in the closed car on a parking.

Basically, any person can suffer from a heatstroke. Therefore, being in the company of people from “risk group”, care of them and regularly check their state of health. This “company” joins babies and small children, older persons after 65 years, people with intellectual frustration, and also those who is ill with something and chronic patients, especially – with heart troubles and a high blood pressure.

Obviously distance running can assist a lot with the general fitness and health of your body. So, if you are interested in the runners training guide or distance running information – please visit this site.

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