Fitness Gets The Increasing Popularity And Takes Strong Positions In A Society Life

Duration of employment by fitness.

If you have already chosen fitness directions in which would like to work and develop and have established the nearest purposes and have allocated time for weekly trainings (it is necessary to train if not daily then not monthly and weekly) time has come to define duration of employment.

Duration of employment usually varies depending on intensity change. They are in inversely proportional dependence. If intensity of trainings raises the duration decreases. After intensity increase start to increase duration to the certain border established depending on listed above factors then intensity again raises and training time reduces.

Simple example. For the aerobic trainings you have chosen walking on a racetrack with an inclination of 0 % and speed 5km/hour. On the first training you passed 10 mines then your pulse has risen above border of a target zone, therefore you have stopped training. Weekly you added for 5 minutes. In 10 weeks your training began to last 1 hour.

Unfortunately your way of life does not allow to spend in fitness club for example more than 1.5 hours but after all it is necessary to develop force and flexibility still. Therefore having given to development of force of 40 mines, flexibility of 15 mines, on aerobics you still have no more than 45 minutes. It means that has come to raise time intensity on 10 % that will make 5.5km/hour and to reduce time of employment to 30 minutes, gradually having raised it to 45 mines and again to lift intensity level.
Usually change of intensity and duration of employment fluctuates within 5-10 % depending on state of health and presence of the necessary equipment. An example: often happens that the difference between weight of dumbbells exceeds 10 % (10-15 kg – a difference of 33 %).

Recommended general duration of employment for beginners in fitness clubs makes 60 minutes.

Intensity of employment.

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Intensity of employment is the most important factor of drawing up program fitness. Correctly chosen intensity can excite interest to continuation of employment by fitness that will be an absolute guarantee of that you will achieve desirable results. The error in an intensity choice is the main reason of the termination of trainings. If intensity is too small trainings usually stop because of absence of result. Who will want to spend the resources time and monetary without receiving for it what indemnification in the form of increase of level of the physical form and improvement of a state of health.

When intensity is too great also an organism has no time to adapt to rates of increase of loading, the biological law of adaptation “approach – tearing away” joins. If the organism feels the harm put by too big loading if loading level exceeds adaptable abilities of an organism it switches on subconscious mechanisms.

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