Fitness Gets The Increasing Popularity And Takes Strong Positions In A Society Life

Very few people from us in turmoil of days, in a mad stream of present time thinks of the health. Only when illness knocks down or the old age comes we start to think about carelessly lived years. And still having lifted glasses we tell each other a standard set of wishes: “Health! Happiness! Long years! Good luck!” And at the same time we forget about them. Remember that health is a treasure which needs to be saved daily. So let’s forget together about empty wishes and just be engaged in our treasure, I mean health.

“Physical activity is a key component of preservation of health and we need to use the best efforts not to hatch out our illnesses and independently to warn them by means of pleasant gymnastics”, – the expert in the field of research of a cancer professor Ken Fox confirms. In physical exercises try to be engaged gradually every day. The important thing is to vary exercises. If you feel that any complex does not bring to you pleasure simply refuse it and try something another. It is possible to be engaged in walking, run, aerobics, yoga, it is unimportant what exactly you do, you should only go in for sports daily.

If you face to a choice whether to pass two stops by the bus or to pass the same distance on foot it is better to prefer walking. Sports exercises allow to support the general tone of an organism and reduce danger of development warmly – vascular diseases and according to scientists of Bristol University even the elementary complex calculated for 15 minutes reduces risk of disease by a cancer of a stomach, a mammary gland, lungs.
So make the choice: physical exercises and health or illnesses and medicines!
How to begin employment by physical training?
Before the beginning of employment by physical training it is necessary to consult with the doctor and together with it:
1. Accurately to formulate the purpose of employment. A lot depends on what you want, someone wishes to strengthen health, it is necessary to dump excess weight for someone, and some have decided to make the figure made.
2. To define initial level of the physical condition. Level and intensity of training depends on it.
3. To construct the individual plan of employment proceeding from the level of preparation. In this connection individual employment under the periodic control of the doctor or the trainer are more effective than group.
4. To supervise the results. It is necessary to use special tests. Own sensations are not always exact. Being based on results of tests it is possible to make the decision on necessity of decrease or loading increase.
Be engaged correctly and with pleasure!

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