Fitness Gets The Increasing Popularity And Takes Strong Positions In A Society Life

Is fitness only the adult entertainment? We will try to understand it and than differs children’s fitness from standard school sports employment.

At schools sports are presented as a part of educational process. The uncooperative altitude to the school sports employment is formed : there is no option, and moreover you have the estimations for it. Besides in the majority of educational institutions of employment by physical training use “ancient” techniques and there is no special desire to be engaged in it for the child. Fitnes, unlike physical culture lessons is focused not on results but on body maintenance in the good form and on care of health. But is it necessary to the child? After all it is considered what to reflect on the good form costs, only having stepped over a twentieth anniversary threshold. I think we should accustom the child to well-founded physical activities as soon as possible.

Children do not realise the advantage of employment, therefore parents should drive not simply the child on employment in the fitness centre but it is necessary to explain to the child sense of trainings. After all unlike any sports sections or school employment where not always give uniform loading fitness harmoniously develops children and corrects available lacks (a malposture, a scoliosis etc.)”.Tell the kid that employment will help him to become more healthy, beautiful and strong. It is possible to cite as an example fantastic “sports” heroes: for boys it is Maugli, for girls it is Gaechka from “the Chip and Dale”. In general the imagination is not limited by anything.
Thanks to power trainings there is an escalating of muscular weight. It promotes maintenance of stable healthy weight of the child. But unreasoned and irregular physical activity brings more harm than advantage. In an ideal it is necessary for the child a little (from two to five) trainings in a week. An optimum variant is three employment for 30 minutes in day three times a week. However the priority remains behind an individual approach. It makes sense to parents to reduce the child at least on time on employment of a different physical orientation. The child will understand that it involves more. However some experts assure that it is necessary to begin employment as soon as possible, even when the child in a condition to show or explain the desires, that is at one-year-old age. But nevertheless the majority of trainers say that ideal age to start employment by fitness is three years age.

The modern fitness centres offer a big variety of trainings. For example improving aerobics, also imitation of movements of animals develops imagination and imagination, performance of physical exercises with a simultaneous pronunciation of sounds and quatrains promotes improvement of coordination of movements and speech of the child, step-aerobics (trains in correct walking), feetball (employment with use of the big colour balls) and set of other variants. How to to make a correct choice? The answer is simple, it is necessary to consider age of the child.

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