Fitness For Women Who Recently Have Born A Child.

Deep breath by a diaphragm helps to learn correctly to breathe and remove a nervous tension.

Sitting on a floor, enclose a hand on a stomach. Inhale slowly through a nose on bill “1,2,3,4” (feel as thus the hand rises). Be late in breath position on the bill to eight, then loudly exhale on the bill to seven. Begin with one set in two repetitions gradually increasing to several sets in day.

Now, when you have the small child, is it necessary for you to test a nervous tension? Try deep breath.

Walking. All housework can consider as walking. Do not lie too long, try to move more.
Even if you feel, as if can quite start to fitness to the program, listen to the advices of doctors. As a rule, doctors forbid impellent activity the first 4-6 weeks. You are authorised to take the child on hands, but you should use for this purpose force of hands, instead of a press.

A food. The eutrophy is very important for you and your kid, especially if you nurse it. Feeding mother is recommended to use additional 500 calories in day, to use a preparation of calcium and to drink more liquids during the day, to provide milk inflow. During this period it is not necessary to reduce the use of calories if only you have not typed too a considerable quantity of fat during pregnancy. Only in this case doctors suppose small reduction of calories in your diet.

Remember that only the type of calories used by you really matters. Eat so more often, how much it is required to you. A fractional food the whole day long is always the best variant. Fresh vegetables and fruit – here a fine choice of products. If you drink juice, try to dilute it, differently you use too many calories.

Your diet should be well balanced, after all a food of your child depends on it. Besides, the correct choice of products will help also to you most to get into condition. If you overate during pregnancy the original form will be a bit more difficult to return to hips areas.

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Every day in your diet should be presented the various food. Supervise the use of fats, but it is not necessary too to go in cycles in this question. If you try to avoid fat food and will switch on in a diet of more vegetables and fruit, it will occur by yourself. Try to limit consumption of caffeine and to avoid some alcohol that milk did not represent harm for the child.
In order your diet was highly nourishing and well balanced daily choose products from each of following groups (whenever possible, prefer fat-free products).

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