Fitness For Pregnant Women

Physical exercises also positively affect the postnatal period. Everybody knows how motherhood can be reflected in a figure. The excess weight, the muscles which have lost a tone of the stomach, the stretched muscles of a breast, the weak back, an aching waist, expansion of veins – by means of fitness all these troubles is possible to avoid or at least to reduce to a minimum. Doctors do not get tired to repeat that how fast to you will be possible to come after the birth of the child in the former form depends on how you have spent 9 months of expectation of the child – lying on a sofa or in more or less active mode. Moreover, process of sorts at sports mums passes easier, than at lazy – first because trained heart, easy and corresponding muscles during this responsible moment help both to the woman and the child. And secondly, in reply to physical activity in an organism the hormone which operates subsequently as the original anaesthetising collects.

Before starting to be engaged the future mum necessarily should consult with the doctor to learn about possible contra-indications to physical activities and to define the physical level. The most important thing at drawing up of the training program is a communication between exercises and pregnancy term, the analysis of a state of health and processes in each trimester, reaction of an organism to loading.

The most safe period for playing sports is the second trimester; in the first and the third it is necessary to behave more cautiously. Many women think that especially actively it is necessary to be engaged in the first weeks of pregnancy. And actually all on the contrary. Runaway has started up backs, but it small, shaky and at the rough reference can be lost. And the human germ – it demands at the beginning very much care. In the first months in a greater degree than in the subsequent there is a threat of interruption of pregnancy that can be a consequence of excessive physical activity: very often on early terms the woman conducts unduly active way of life carries heavy bags etc. Certainly, it is far not unique but at the same time the important reason of abortions.

So, it is possible to train and it is necessary if to observe some the important rules. First, intensity of employment should be moderated. Keep in mind: during pregnancy your pulse is speeded up without physical activity. During employment you strenuously breathe and sweat, therefore can not feel an overheat but actually the child strongly overheats – and to suppose it in any way is impossible. The child reacts to physical activity by pulse increase on 10-30 blows in a minute. Besides, the hard work of muscles demands the raised inflow to them of blood – and it means that oxygen arriving with blood can not suffice an internal. The intense and intensive trainings can have sad and far-reaching consequences – for example decrease in weight of a child, premature birth and even an abortion. Do not forget about high-grade rest between sets (and even repetitions).

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