Fitness For Older People

In a youth we usually do not care of the ability to balance as many movements on coordination are carried out in most cases easily. However when we become more older we understand that our balance (and it is ability to feel where is our body in space and to regulate this position by muscular pressure) is not the same any more as it was earlier.

Consequences of loss of our ability to support balance are significant. Falling are a principal cause of traumas of people of advanced age. Every year in the world from 30 to 50 % of aged people over 65 years test falling after which many cannot be restored completely. Traumas and problems with the health, arising owing to them, undoubtedly, negatively affect quality of a life.

In spite of the fact that some consequences of the general ageing of an organism, such as sight infringement, decrease in speed of reflexes and reduction of sensitivity of skin receptors, can worsen balance and coordination, bad balance is not inevitability.

Practice shows that many physically prepared people of the senior and advanced age, using the same strategy of restoration of balance, as people of young age, usually supervise coordination of movements so operate the balance, than their coevals conducting an inactive way of life is better.

How to save good balance? We can offer you following councils:

– Improve a condition of the cardiovascular system. Moderate aerobic loadings promote cardiac muscle strengthening, improvement of vessels, weight adjustment. Besides, it will lead to the best management of movements that will promote improvement of gait, a self-trust and other factors which as a result will improve your balance.
– Practise standing on one foot or positions of yoga for balance improvement. Begin with a standing position on firm floor and then complicate performance of the same exercises on a thick rug or on a surface with wet foam (only, certainly, be cautious with foam!). Also movings here and there, such as step touches (steps to the right-to the left with feet) or superficial knee-bends to the right and to the left are carried out.

– Visit classes Tai chi or Hatha Yoga. These classes not only offer gradual and consecutive training of balance but also will relieve you of stresses which each of us faces within labour or educational day.

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– Practise moving of weight of a body here and there. Try to arrange under each foot digital scales and to look, they show what values. Thin muscular coordination level digital values on scales. Try to transfer weight of a body from a foot on a foot, and then again to level figures. If it to you manages to be made without special difficulties, try to complicate shift of scales in a diagonal. Also it is possible to try to sit down, rise or lift any subject from a floor.

– Practise fast walking through subjects on your way. It will help to improve speed and to reduce body fluctuations at performance of other movements.

Obviously distance running can help a lot with the general fitness and health of your body. So, if you are interested in the runners training diet or building running endurance information – please visit this site.

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