Fitness. Errors Of Beginners

Employment by fitness is of course extremely useful but many of us require the permission of the doctor before going to sports hall. Especially it is actual for those whose health is far from an ideal.
There are two major factors of constraining active employment by fitness. The first is a trauma, in this case simply is necessary to wai, while it will not be healed. In a case with chronic illnesses all is more difficult – heart troubles, lungs, metabolism infringement force to conduct lessons by fitness under the control of the doctor or the trainer which is qualified enough in case of need to render medical aid. To begin employment follows in slow rate, it is not recommended to load a body excessively at once, listen to it and do not forget about recommendations of the doctor. It is possible to begin with walking, each time it accelerating. For power exercises the weight which you have got used to lift daily will approach.

Starting active employment by fitness spend screenings-tests that together with the doctor or the trainer to make the program of trainings.
But all the same the greatest error of beginners is that they can not begin active trainings. Choosing aerobic exercises consider some factors.
Efficiency: a number of exercises is switched on by exigeant jumps therefore there is a risk to be traumatised. For people who suffer articulate diseases most of all approach driving on a bicycle and skis on equal district, rowing and swimming, skating.

Convenience: performance of separate aerobic exercises demands presence of expensive equipment, training apparatus, sports stock. And some exercises demand certain district or a season.
Preparation level: do not forget that many exercises demand sports preparation, therefore it is not necessary to undertake them if you have no such skills. Otherwise revaluation of own possibilities will very soon lead to refusal of fitness. If you have begun preparation do not throw employment until receive enough skills and will not start to take pleasure in trainings.
Social factor: it is always more cheerfully and more usefully to work in group, sometimes the company of people, even unfamiliar, it is the unique reason why we continue employment. Besides, a number of aerobic exercises is more safe for spending in group.

Carrying out exercises do not forget about easy rest during which time it is possible to communicate with other training. Begin employment always with warm-up, it will allow to be warmed up and enter into a rhythm. Presence of the skilled trainer owning skills of rendering of the first medical aid is important.
Carrying out exercises on endurance development take into consideration the following:

1. Intensity. Any exercise start to carry out with slow rate, regulate its intensity and duration. Be guided by own sensations, do not lead up yourself to a condition when it is difficult to speak and breathe. Supervise a warm rhythm by means of a pressure scale (here the help will be rendered by the trainer). Consultations of the doctor are obligatory if you accept the medicines influencing a rhythm and pulse.
2. Duration and essence of exercises. All exercises are useful, perfectly train an organism. However do not forget about equipment – it should be as much as possible convenient and effectively help at performance of exercises.
3. Duration. In the beginning of trainings it is necessary to begin from 5-10 minutes in day, gradually increasing duration of employment till 20 minutes, and in an ideal – till 30-40 minutes.

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