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Whether it is possible by means of employment by fitness, bodybuilding, aerobics, run or any other kind of employment to lose excess weight?

It is possible and for this purpose you can use any kind: though boxing, though football, though bodybuilding with fitness. The main thing is to know some very important rules:

1. It is necessary to strengthen at first the health physical preparation and, first of all, the general endurance if you want by means of employment effectively to “burn” superfluous fat.

2. If you eat more than you spend, fat will be postponed even at intensive employment.
3. Even in process of not very intensive employment and observance of a low-calorie diet people with weak physical preparation muscular system becomes stronger because of what the body gross weight can increase. You shouldn`t be afraid of it as fatty stocks will “be burnt” in parallel, appearance and the general tone of your body will improve;

4. Starting to be engaged for the purpose of growing thin it is impossible to reduce volume and a variety of a diet sharply. Yes from fats especially animal origin and the refined carbohydrates is better to refuse.
5. This addition refers to the first: do not hasten, sharply do not increase loading and do not resort to rigid low-calorie and monotonous diets. And to avoid problems – make the individual plan-program of employment taking into account all your features having chosen the most suitable kind and a technique.

Whether it is possible to provide local growing thin by means of physical exercises, to dump fat in the field of hips or for example a breast?
No, by means of physical exercises it is impossible to make. And those who sells any training apparatus for burning of fat in the field of a waist simply say lies. They know that all muscles of a press if theoretically them to combine together will be no more biceps and if not break will burn stocks of fat surrounding them they should burn it well very long. But the core that muscles for maintenance of the work fuel which fat is take and receive through the general system of blood circulation from all “petrol tanks” of your body. And by the way where fat is formed first of all and in the greatest quantity it disappears the last. And if to be more exact already never. Therefore as soon as many women begin struggle against excess weight their bust at once grows thin, and concerning men instead of a stomach the biceps grows thin.

And how then body builders build the body by means of bodybuilding?

First the majority of those whom cite as an example are the genetically presented people having by nature corresponding inclinations and abilities.

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Secondly all of them are engaged very intensively and keep to a strict diet.

And thirdly they really build the body since not only burn fat but also increase muscles where it is necessary. It by the way is not so simple since muscles grow not by request and under that genetic program which is put in the person by his parents.

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