Fitness And Yoga

Nowadays pressing question for mankind is maintenance and preservation of the health. Almost healthy person, as a rule, would not like to use medicamentous means.
Therefore the most effective way of increase of the vitality, health strengthening is physical activity. However, in a modern society with its mad rhythm to add high physical activity on trainings, promoting increase of level of excitation of nervous system, causing exhaustion and often posttraining muscular pains demanding to attention, holding down and causing obvious discomfort at movement approaches far not to many people. In that case this question can be solved other, possibly, more suitable way, I mean employment by yoga.

Not casually last years the West was overflowed by a wave of various east philosophical directions. At first it was simply fashionable, then the great interest began to appear more. But the western mentality differs from east and to teach these “sciences” to people of the West is necessary differently. Considering yoga occurrence in Ukraine we will notice that there are small amount of the teachers understanding psychology of the East and practising improving systems, adapting them for themselves, to the environment and to the wards.
What is the traditional yoga?

For many long years the information was almost inaccessible any occurrence «messages about yoga» caused the response of fans. Sections and the centres for employment by yoga began to appear gradually. Level of teaching of yoga in the specialised centres, a contingent on which employment are focused, are very various. Often enough in such centres the engaged could be exposed any pressings, to requirements of regular visitings, observance of any rules, but did not receive answers to the questions or that is worse, were traumatised. Thus, yoga distribution caused not always favorable impression in the inhabitant. However the people feeding interest to yoga now already are more informed thanks to mass media, the literature, trips to India. Many search for possibility to fill up knowledge and to be engaged in practice of yoga under the direction of the skilled teacher. And if the specialised centres of yoga not always manage to be found or conditions in which lessons are conducted do not correspond to requirements of visitors even more often people address in fitness clubs.

The degree of service in fitness clubs is high and the democratic price policy allows also to ordinary workers to become their clients. Thanks to rapid development of the industry of fitness visitors of clubs have a possibility to familiarise with various kinds of trainings – traditional and new specific lessons, including fitness yoga. At the same time there is other atmosphere in fitness clubs where last years employment by yoga (fitness yoga) became very popular. Clients go on lessons much more easy communicating with other clients out of employment, on racetracks, in pools, in aerobics halls. And having dared to go at yoga, receive answers to the questions. The touch of vigilance, an inaccessibility falls down. The yoga is much easier rather than it seems and it is much more useful to health as a whole than can originally seem.

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