Fitness And Sex

During employment of sex, many calories are not burnt, the most passionate and hot lovers burn about 250 kcal during one hour or 4 calories in a minute. The average person makes love about 5 minutes and thus it burns less than 25 kcal.

How can sports improve quality of sex? Recent researchers have shown that physical exercises prepare the woman for sexual excitation and strengthen desire. And after all statistically about a third of women suffer from the lowered inclination. Almost 90 % of participants in the experiment have noticed that after playing sports the desire for them considerably amplifies. It is better to have sex in 20 minutes after training when muscles still are actively supplied with oxygen.

But if with the direct dependence of sex on sports all is clear how to be with return? How love joys influence our achievements in sport? In this question, the man and the woman essentially differ. For example, it is known that sportsmen-men considerably improve the results by means of long abstention. Mohammed Ali had not sexed within 6 weeks to the next match. Many football players at night before game prefer to have sex instead of a quiet dream. Sex on the eve of competitions influences endurance, force, the ability of a body to deliver oxygen in muscles.
Deterioration of sports indicators during competitions after a night of love easily speaks physiology. Besides at sexual intercourse, there is a sharp emission of hormone in the blood of the man, and concentration of this hormone also sharply falls. And for the physical endurance of men answers this hormone.

Also, there is an opinion that training with heavy scales lower a man’s potentiality. To some extent given statement is correct: excessive physical activity leads to exhaustion and a total absence of any desires for the man (superfluous training lowers level of hormone). Researchers have shown that the man who strenuously goes in for sports every day and spends many forces on physical exercises (as, for example, professional sportsmen) loses interest to sex faster than their fewer sports colleagues. However, the man conducting completely a sedentary and inactive way of life also is not capable of little impressing feats. Playing sports not less often than three times a week has appeared an ideal variant. Besides training raise the general power level of an organism that in itself is positively reflected in employment by sex, has been noticed that physical exercises lead to increase of the level of a hormone already through 2-3 employment that leads to potentiality strengthening faster than modern medical products. And the activity of bodies of hormonal secretion is heavier than exercise, the more strongly. However, it is not necessary to forget that after wearisome training organism resources are strongly exhausted and the potentiality of the sportsman temporarily decreases. To restore forces and stocks of the hormone helps the diet. The result is a strong sexual inclination and an active sexual life.

For women, all is with accuracy on the contrary. During a time of orgasm, they get rid of the collected stresses, psychological pressure and gain strength for new sports victories. Fitness helps the woman to overcome obstacles and the complexes disturbing them, completely to relax and take pleasure in sex.

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