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The bitter truth is that we are simply obliged to be thick having such way of life. We don`t move a lot, so that`s why we have the result in the form of fatty folds. It seemsthat to grow thin is a simple thing. Stop to eat and here you go! Well but from where we have to take the energy for trainings? Deficiency of food calories automatically means a breakdown so low almost zero productivity of training.

No, fitness demands absolutely another: “improvements” of a daily food. Without any starvation! Everything that is necessary for you is to bring in the diet small but basic changes. Together with training they essentially change your figure.
Begin with a head The matter is that all of us eat because meal time has come or submitting to an intuitive push. In either case food intake occurs unconsciously. We bring a plug to a mouth, stirring with friends or we develop a sweet thinking of something extraneous. What here to be surprised to an overeating? The secret of success of women to which managed to grow thin consists here in what: they have mastered that name «the realised food». Here the main rule: at first listen then eat. It is a question of completely to concentrate on taste of meal, its smell and even colour and to listen to the stomach. Try and you with surprise will feel as the stomach talks to you,submitting audible only to you signals: here I perhaps have eaten still a slice, and here I at all do not want it … Communicate with the stomach as with the live interlocutor. Have got a sweet? Directly ask: do you want? Also listen to the answer. Practice thus within a week and you essentially will change character of the food.

Do not be lazy every time to understand the subjective sensations. Whether really it is necessary for you to eat or you have pulled to have a bite for the company? Make personally for yourself the food program. Taking into account your way of life, the work and training schedule. For example in day of evening training – at 5 o`clock directly behind a desktop you should have a bite an albuminous tile. And here in day of rest it is not necessary.
Divide and dominate to grow thin, it is necessary to represent the biological mechanism of a set of excess weight in general at least. In this sense the main hormone for you is insulin. Insulin “clears” blood of sugar. The part of surplus “delivers” insulin in muscular cages and the rest transforms into fat. If you do not go in for sports the requirement of muscles for “sweet” fuel is minimum. And it means that all superfluous sugar of blood will be transformed into fat and will be postponed under a skin. It is important for you to remember the following. Well and the more insulin emission the more fat will be postponed. The overeating occurs in that case when the person eats seldom, in 4-5 hours. The important conclusion from here follows: it is necessary to eat slowly and frequent if you want to reduce insulin secretion.

All carbohydrates share on simple and difficult. Keep in mind that simple carbohydrates (which contain in sweets, cookies, bread and the other sweet aerated drinks) are easily acquired and provoke fast launch of level of sugar in blood. And it will respond the raised secretion of insulin. Difficult carbohydrates such as vegetables, groats, crude rice, bread, bean, fruit are necessary for you. They are acquired slowly and in addition contain the crushed vegetative structures like stalks or grain covers. It slows down mastering of carbohydrates even more. Insulin is allocated absolutely on a minimum. If you forget about simple carbohydrates and will pass in a daily food on difficult will you wili start to grow thin for sure without any diets.

Plan of action
Do not pass food intakes!
Eat gradually five times a day – about each three hours.
In each food intake there should be fibers, difficult carbohydrates and a few useful fats.
Watch a serving size. It should be in size with your palm, no more.

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