Workout Workout Log

First Time Back to the Gym

So I finally got my head together and headed back to the gym for a light workout.  It took a little while to shake the image of all of the fit people that were surrounding me but I managed to power through and get to work.

Today was important because I was going to start again on a path that I have been down many times before.

So I jumped on the treadmill, started it up and through on the iPod for entertainment.  I needed to start slow in an effort to not injure myself or run out of energy too quickly.  I struggled to find that gentle grove that I have so many times enjoyed and never really found it today.  It is out there and I know that I will find it, just not this time.

I knocked off 3 miles and called it quits.  I did better than expected and all in all I considered it a success.

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I went over to the weight room area and did a few crunches and bench presses but nothing worth tracking and it was mostly just being there that was enough.

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