Female Yoga. Try This.

About such concept as “female yoga” the majority of us learns during pregnancy.

Numerous courses offer the future mums of employment by yoga for pregnant women, employment by a technique of female yoga. And more or less easily having given birth, we forget about these employment, after a while, even sceptically estimating process through which have passed, – and whether these employment were necessary to me?

In yoga there are some directions. The part from them is fastened on religious aspect, rituals, a part – on work with a physical and power body.

At many modern schools of yoga this practice is given as universal, equally focused both on men, and on women. Whence then definition of “female yoga”?

Having allocated group of poses, the respiratory exercises which are making active, developing, ordering female essence, thereby have allocated female yoga in separate practice.

Whether so this difference is great? Practising women mark smoothness, softness, fluidity of this employment. This display of selection of the exercises directed on development of a female body, female bodies. In the majority these exercises are directed on development of flexibility of a female body, power is used to a lesser degree.

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What does the female yoga give to the woman? Flexibility, calmness of mind and heart. Force emotional. Force physical, without depriving of it thus natural grace and without doing its mannish. Unlike playing sports where the certain group of muscles, as a rule, trains, employment by yoga force to work all body, including, an internal. Yoga exercises are directed not for work of muscles, and for work of sheaves, joints, nerves. They help to cope with painful sensations during the monthly. After a while the practising woman does not test at approach “red days” calendar of a discomfortable condition. This process passes without serious consequences, more productively. The set of examples says that employment by yoga have helped people to get rid from more painful joints. To wait for instant effect from employment it would be erroneous. All depends on that, how much the person seriously concerns it and seriously practises. As it depends on readiness of a body and spirit. Going to an exercise room three years it is possible not to dump too kg on end or not to increase muscular weight.

What does the yoga give to pregnant women? Prepared a back, the stomach muscles, the vaginas worked muscle In general, during pregnancy especially it is necessary to listen to yourself, the body, it is necessary to estimate the sensations. Yes, women on the physiology are identical, but yoga practice needs to be chosen individually. So if you are interested in this kind of sports you can try it. I am sure you will like it.

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