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Fatty Adjournment And Your Health

Physicians have paid attention for a long time already that the fat geography on a body of the woman has a direct bearing on its health. For example, the women inclined to adiposity in the top and average part of a body risk to receive heart troubles, diabetes and some kinds of cancer diseases.

It is clear that all it outright concerns owners H – T – and O-shaped figures where excess weight is just concentrated in the top part of a body (back, a breast, a waist and arms).

At owners of A-shaped (and occasionally H-shaped figures) fatty adjournment lie in the bottom part of a body, on hips and breeches. It is possible to tell that it is the classical form of female completeness. And it, fortunately, is least hazardous to health. However, the minus here all the same is: such fatty surpluses are more difficult for shaking by means of sports.

There are some theories explaining differences in distribution of fat on a female body. One of them is bound to hormones. Scientists have established that at some women much more man’s hormones, than at other women. It predetermines development of their body on man’s type: shoulders of such women are usually wider than a basin or are peer to it. Such women also “as a real man” grow stout. Fat is postponed as at the majority of men, on the top part of a body.Strangely enough, but also secretion of purely female hormone of estrogen at them also is very high. And it becomes with the years dangerous as can provoke cancer diseases.

Other researches have shown that in distribution of fatty adjournment the important role is played by cellular receptors an alpha-2 and a beta-1. On these receptors as if on wires, in a fatty cell commands on burning of intracellular fat arrive. Commands give hormones.

In addition, scientists have established that the above described receptors in different parts of a body work variously: somewhere they are overactive and somewhere work hardly-hardly.

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One more theory asserts that character of distribution of fatty adjournment is descended. In other words, we are born with genetically predetermined forms of a body.
That we eat throughout all life and it also plays an essential role. At women who that go on a diet throw it, the waist, strangely enough, happens more widely, than at women of the same type who weren’t engaged in dietary experiments. Well and the fat nutrition if eating it from year to year, leads to formation of fatty adjournment on a stomach at women of all types without an exception.

Here there is no place for a medical details, we will tell only that with fatty adjournment in the top part of a body (on a back, a breast, shoulders, arms and a waist) to you it is necessary to struggle. Let even you lose any part of the feminity in ordinary narrow-minded sense! It is absolutely precisely established that “the top” fatty surpluses provoke a cancer of thoracal glands and a uterus, warm illnesses, disturbances of level of Saccharin in bloods and many-many other illnesses.

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