Weight Loss

Fat Burning Rules Part 2

Rule №10

Drink more water

The big maintenance of water in an organism s very important for health of immune system, a skin and “a clear” head.

Rule №11

Drink more tea or coffee.

If you well transfer caffeine, drink a small calyx of coffee or tea in the mornings. It will encourage you and give your more energy.

Rule №12

Necessarily take more walk or carry out any other exercises for cardiovascular system within not less than 20-30 minutes in day.

Company BSN offers a product under name NITRIX which promotes augmentation of aerobic activity, muscles working outs, muscular pumping, endurance, vascularization and help the prompt restoration after trainings.

Rule №13

Take walks as much as possible.

Don’t miss any possibility to walk, even if you are by the car. It after all can be parked a little further the usual parking place?!

Rule №14

Refuse the lift and the escalator in advantage of all the same walking.

Walking will strengthen your blood flow and will allow you to burn a little more fat.

Rule №15

Start trainings with burdenings and with the instructor.

Begin with two-three approaches till 10-15 repetitions. Do an extension more often to improve the flexibility and to enlarge blood circulation. Trainings with burdenings promote growth of muscles which help to burn fat even then when you sleep.

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Rule №16

Go in for sports on holidays too.

When you on rest try to go in for sports every day. It will help you to burn additional calories which you consume, and will relieve of sense of guilt when you will come back home.

Rule №17

Sleep not less than 8 hours per day. If it is required you can take a nap in the afternoon.

You should sleep not less than 8 hours at night. The day dream from 30 minutes till 1,5 o’clock is extremely desirable also. Such regimen will allow remaining strong not only to you, but also to your immune system, and you will feel vivacity the whole day long.

Rule №18

Exclude stress from your life forever.

Reduce to a minimum all stressful situations that then it was not necessary to eat something when you feel stress again.

Rule №19

Use food additives for a weight loss or a girdle for a weight loss.

In a combination to a healthy food they will help you to dump excess weight quickly.
Rule №20

Buy bridges, trousers or shorts for a weight loss.

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The clothes can be applied for losing weight as at home and in the street in summertime of year. For example, in trousers for losing weight you can go in for sports or simply clean in it the house, in parallel burning of surpluses fat.

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