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Fat Burning Rules Part 1

Fat burning rules Part 1
Useful fat burning rules that you should definitely know about

Many people face an excess weight problem, but there is no enough time to solve it. There are some simple rules which won’t allow fat to be formed on your body. Also it will help to get rid of already collected “surpluses” on your body.

Rule №1

Reduce quantity of consumed Saccharin. If you eat a lot of Saccharin, the organism there and then puts it aside as it can’t simply spend all received calories.

Rule №2

Be interested in that you eat.

Find out always, what sort of calories you consume, and prepare food for yourself instead of eating meal from the supermarkets or eating in a city in some cafes. Who knows what arrives in your organism with the food that you eat in cafe!

Rule №3

Eat less of fat nutrition.

Cut down quantity of the sated fats, such which contain, for example, in red meat and in fat or in fried nutrition.

Rule №4

Don’t trust the eyes.

Cease to trust “fat-free nutrition” as its big part contains “the latent” fats which are either artificial, or substitutes of fats which does to you of even more harm than sated. Such fats are so called trans-fats or the hydrogenated fats.

Rule №5

Every time you eat observe sense of proportion.

Whatevermeal there was;remember that too big quantity of it can overload your organism that is why it will leave this fat “for emergency”. Listen to the body, and it will let to you know when it is sated.

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Rule №6

Eat fewer carbohydrates, but more protein.

You don’t want to cut down on quantity of consumed carbohydrates because they are a good energy source. Then choose from healthy complex carbohydrates such carbohydrates as a sweet potato, brown rice, full grain bread and vegetarian Pasta. From a hen, a turkey, white pork, fast red meat, fish and egg choose for yourself fast meat and low-fat products.

Rule №7

If you don’t cook at home so you should also eat only dietary nutrition.

When you don’t prepare for yourselves order only fast meat or vegetarian nutrition, and any fried or stewed potato, a roast chicken and “juicy” and fat burgers.

Rule №8

Eat 5-6 times a day in the small portions.

Always try to eat gradually, at least, 5-6 times during the day. It will allow you to support a metabolism at a high level. Never pass food intake because it slows down a metabolism and an organism postpones more fat.

Rule №9

In the end of day accept the healthiest nutrition.

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Try in second half of day to eat fast meat and greens with vegetables. Any carbohydrates and Saccharin! As it decreases the metabolism processes in your organism.

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