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Fat Burning Products

Water is a basis of bases of our existence. The shortage (dehydration) of a liquid in our organism slows down metabolism processes. Liquid is an indispensable condition on a diet. 2 liters of water a day will be provided with efficiency of a rigid diet. Scientists have found out that at the use of additional water of 500 ml a day rate of a metabolism grows on 30 %. Thirst often masks hunger. If you would like to eat just drink a glass of water and after that think whether it is necessary to sit down and still have a plentiful meal.

Milk products, except milk – enlarge quantity of a hormone of calcitriol which forces cells to fat burning in an organism. Low-fat milk products – yogurts, kefir, cottage cheese, curdled milk, according to experts will help to dump excess weight and to reduce quantity of fast mastered fats.

Milk Serum – contains the high-quality of milk protein accelerating a fatty metabolism. Milk Serum promotes an expenditure of hypodermic fat with a view of indemnification of power inputs of an organism.

Green tea – positively influences metabolic processes, deduces toxins. 5 cups of green tea in day will force you to leave from 70-80 calories.

Red wine – contains an active ingredient which stimulates manufacture of the protein blocking receptors in fatty cells. It promotes splitting of fats and retardation of formation of new fatty adjournment. This remarkable ingredient is a part of a grapes and white wine cuticle; however in these products it quickly oxidized and becomes less effective. Red wine is a unique source of effective burning of fats, however, as well as any alcohol you should consume it in the limited quantity. A red wine will provide to you useful influence on an organism.

Cinnamon – reduces Saccharin level in a blood that leads to reduction of fatty adjournment. The quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon in the day, used during meal, will help to optimum mastering of Saccharin with an organism.

Garlic, the onion influences a hypothalamus, thereby promoting burning of fats.

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Grapefruit – present fat burning product in which structure it is found out such substance which possesses cholagogue effect and by that splits the fats arriving with nutrition. Therefore it is necessary to eat grapefruit entirely, accepting its bitterness as the sweet medicine doing us beautiful. Two – three lobes of grapefruit after meal will regulate insulin level. It will weaken feeling of hunger and will strengthen a metabolism of fats.

The papaya – contains the enzymes influencing lipids and proteolytic. However to keep to a diet from a papaya it is not meaningful, because enzymes lose the activity in 2-3 hours after hit in an organism. To gain desirable effect, the papaya should be consumed directly ahead of food intake, during meal or right after it.

The raspberry – contains fruit enzymes, promoting splitting of fats. A half-glass of the raspberry eaten for half an hour to meal will help a stomach to cope with a plentiful feast.

Pineapple is also a great fat burning product. Still recently containing in pineapple бромелайн bromelain was a basis of set of preparations that helps to burn fat. However, according to last scientific data, it can’t cope with fatty adjournment because under the influence of a gastric juice loses enzymatic activity. Despite it, pineapple can help us with struggle against excess weight as this fruit reduces feeling of hunger and promotes digestion of nutrition, especially fish and meat dishes, dishes from bean and sour-milk products.

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