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Fat – The Enemy Of A Harmonous Figure Or Health Pledge?

The majority growing thin perceives fat as the awful substance disturbing to live it. Really, there is not a lot of pleasure. Because of fat harmonous once the figure becomes covered by unnecessary platens and the superfluous centimeters, stirring to go and to conduct a high-grade way of life. It is impossible to put on fitting dress, it is a shame to come on a beach in a separate bathing suit. Therefore the majority of women are thrown by the efforts to getting rid of a fatty layer. They resort to various diets, acupuncture, massage, playing sports. Unfortunately, sometimes the desire to win superfluous kgs passes in obsession and then hazardous to health exhausting diets are applied to struggle against them, a doubtful origin of a tablet and the teas ostensibly promoting growing thin.

Actually fatty fabrics are necessary for the person as one of components of normal ability to live. Fat carries out many functions useful to an organism. The main thing from them is protection of bodies against harmful toxins, regulation of an exchange, support of hormonal balance. Besides fatty cagesare are the basic storehouses of energy. The organism keeps them in store and will mobilize in case of need. Therefore fat is the integral component of health. And, as though it is surprising didn’t sound to use it in food it is necessary even wishing to grow thin.

It is known that to grow thin it is necessary to combine physical activities and a certain diet. Only complex actions will help to achieve effective results. As to eutrophy it is necessary to begin with calculation of the most comprehensible quantity of fat which is necessary for an organism for maintenance of normal ability to live. As show researches, usually it is 10-12 % from all quantity of calories accepted for a day. Thus linoleic and alpha linoleic fat acids should make not less than 1 % from this figure. If the organism receives smaller quantity of fats growing thin becomes uncomfortable it will test weakness. The organism will pass «accumulation of fats» in a mode. Having understood that it tries to deprive of necessary elements, it will start to keep all delivered fats “for emergency” that can lead still to weight increase. Besides the state of health will worsen during the growing thin as the organism will lose forces to develop energy. It will be heavy to carry out physical exercises, the weariness becomes the integral companion and it will be possible to forget about good mood.

Some growing thin make a mistake considering that to dump excess weight is enough to go on a strict fat-free diet. Above it was already said that the organism which has been tired out in strict frameworks, gives failure that will inevitably lead to problems with health.

It is really surprising that today we live in the world where information quickly enhances the quality of our life. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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