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Fast Weight Loss In 7 Easy Steps

Most people would like to lose weight fast and are looking for such quick weight loss methods. But all those quick diets are very difficult to keep on a permanent basis, and besides, they are unhealthy.

You can assist and speed up weight loss without any negative effects to your health by main musts.

1) Water is a must
You should drink water to help your body burn fat. If you drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day you will be able to get rid of excess water that is retained in the body. If you can manage more, it is even better, but do not over exceed.

2) Avoid consuming too much sugar
White sugar promotes your blood sugar levels being increased, raising insulin in the pancreas which eliminates the blood sugar to normal. Your body can be damaged if too much fluctuation happens.

You should find substitutes of white sugar if possible in your weight loss diet. If you want to eat something sweet, try fruits.

You will see the difference after you have stopped eating sugar. You do not necessarily have to deprive yourself of sweets, just try to find an alternative that would be healthier for you.

3) Sodium helps water retention
By eliminating your sodium intake you will be stunned at the difference it will bring. Too much sodium helps us retain water. And in such a way your weight will be increase, so if you reduce sodium consumption you will promote healthy weight loss. Sodium also makes your blood sugar levels being increased.

4) Starvation is a must not
It is thought that elimination of food intake to nothing weight loss is augmented. But it is not right, our bodies are set into starvation mode and start storing fat.

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5) Calorie burning, a must
Exercises help to burn calories, especially cardio workouts. Just to lose 1 pound you can reduce your calories by 3500 or lose the same amount when doing cardio workouts. By eliminating your every day calorie intake by 250 and burning off 250 each day with cardio exercises, you can successfully lose 1 pound.

Do not become frustrated if you failed to lose as much as you got used to, another week you can lose more.

6) Fiber is a must
You can increase weight loss adding fiber in your diet. Foods enriched with fiber will slow down the absorption of sugar, eliminate the up and down effect in blood sugar levels. High fiber diet is also advantageous for the good functioning of digestive system.

7) Reduce your stress

Coristol, a hormone which appears in a stressed body is an additional factor that causes weight gain. If you can manage stress levels, you can lose weight faster. You can also try yoga for stress reduction.

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